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If Your Life Were a Role Playing Game Series #2

This is the second post in this blog series, check out the first one here.

Video Game Attributes in Real Life

As a gamer, the next most important attribute in a role-playing game is Mana. Without health, you die. But without Mana, you are unable to solve problems. In real-life situations, as in role-playing games, this is the amount of magical power/mental energy a character has. The higher the Mana, the more spells that can be cast. I think of it as mental energy that we are given to compete in life. In a role-playing game, you may use something like “Magic Orb” to take out a monster, but in real life, you may use “Algebra Skill”, when taking a math exam, In games as well as in real life, using these skills consumes a part of our energy to perform them.

Some people were naturally born with high Mana. Some people have a naturally high amount of mental energy that they can focus on problem-solving. Others were born incapable of solving even the simplest of problems. What happens then? If your life is a role-playing game, and you were born with a low amount of Mana. What are you going to do about it?

How to Increase my Attributes

If your life were a role-playing game, how would you increase your Mana? In video games, you can pay with the money you’ve earned in your quests to instructors to increase your abilities and skills, so if money were not an issue, in real life, I might hire tutors to push me to solve situations to the max.

However, if money is a concern, then doing a variety of small word problems, reading books, and self-studying are some examples of how you can increase your Mana capacity. I remember on different occasions I have gotten books with my characters that when read increase their attributes immediately. So why not take a book off the shelf and increase our attributes and knowledge in real life as well?

Personally, I would ultimately focus my energy on how I can improve my Mana capacity. Because I want to be able to solve even the most advanced difficulties or be able to devote the most mental energy to any problem that comes my way. In games, Mana allows me to “spam,” that is, cast over and over again constantly, all the spells I acquire through knowledge and experience. In life, mental energy allows me to use the knowledge and experience I have, to be ready to cast whatever “spells” are necessary to solve my problems.

Alternative Ways to Increase my Attributes

Another way to increase your Mana capacity is to be part of groups of people trying to push the limits of maximum performance. These could be networking groups, social groups, or even religious groups. What? did you forget that paladins and priests have Holy Mana and Holy Abilities? When you interact with other people who are also striving to be the best version of themselves, it allows you to gain the ability to understand how they do it too.

When we first enter a game, our knowledge of the game would be very basic, sometimes even the “tutorials” leave a lot of concepts that we don’t understand. But, when you join a group or even as they are sometimes called “clan or alliance“, they provide you with knowledgeable and experienced people. This is an example of how another person can teach you how to get a higher Mana capacity. Therefore, having a group of contacts in real life can help and bring a clarity of mind to give you a boost in problem solving, not only for his knowledge but also for having faced situations similar to yours in other opportunities.

Differences in Mana and Knowledge

I want to bring some clarity. It is important to have a high Mana when you need to dedicate a lot of mental concentration and skills to defeat your opponent. But if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, mana will be left over because you won’t be able to use any skill. That is, you need to increase your knowledge in order to get the most out of your Mana.

So, what could you do to have an extraordinary mana reserve, as well as knowledge? First of all, you need to use all possible mechanisms to acquire both, as we mentioned a little while ago, you will need to study, self dedication, gain experience in your daily adventures, and of course, if it is in your possibilities, a colleague or group with whom you can learn more and more.

So, while you improve yourself alone or with a group of people to have more clarity and mental energy. Think about how you would execute all the advice they are giving you. Now if you want some product recommendations to increase your mental focus, clarity, and energy, then I advise you to consume vitamins daily. Along with, of course, home cooked meals whenever possible. It is also necessary to get plenty of rest, to recharge the Mana within our lives.


If your life were a role-playing game and you wanted to have a large amount of Mana, you would surely have to focus on developing it. Endlessly practicing one skill after another in situations where, if you run out of it, your team may lose, as your mental energy is vital to your success and that of your teammates.

This is also true in real life. If you focus on how, you can solve dilemmas and setbacks without complaining and thinking of the best possible solutions every time. The more you keep doing that, the better you will get at it, and the more energy you will have to devote to problem solving. Because of this, you will be more patient, take action and solve problems more easily.

I thank you for having come this far, I am sure that if you liked this post and I did a good job explaining mana, you will leave me a like (you will acquire 50 mana by doing so), also let me know in the comments, how do you increase your mana daily?

Stay tuned for the next blog post In the series.

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