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A bright future for The uprising of the pencils

I recently announced through my social media channels the great news about the fact that my first story. The Uprising of the Pencils has reached the number 1 bestseller spot in its category on several times.

What adds to my astonishment is to see how this ebook, having a curious origin quite far from commercial purposes, currently surpasses the Batey series, and by far. If you haven’t read it yet, you are just on time. Just click here to purchase your copy. And please, don’t forget to share your review! Join me and find out how it became my big hit so far and what we’re thinking for this book. Also, help with your opinion to decide its future below.

How the uprising of the pencils was born

I find it very curious to remember how this story, which today is marking a milestone for me, was born. Uprising Of The Pencils emerged in a classroom, as an attempt not only to write a piece, something I had always wanted to try but also to finally translate into real life many of the ideas that live around in my mind.

As you can see, it has a completely different origin from the Batey series, which from the beginning was a four-issue literary sequel and has received great support from professionals in different fields to become what it is today. Despite not having the same effort and intentions behind it, these pencils seem to come with everything, sweeping and turning the panorama inside and outside the story.

The Inspiration behind The uprising of the Pencils

Ever since I was a child, I have been an avid reader who enjoys letting his imagination run wild by creating his own interpretation of the text read in his mind, which presents itself inside me like a fantastic movie. And one of the writers who have that admirable ability to put words into pictures is my favorite, Brian Jacques. I find his Redwall series fascinating.

In this work, he gracefully embodies mice and woodland creatures in the medieval setting of the ancient abbey of Redwall. The rodents are forced to confront a bloodthirsty rat to avoid being reduced to slavery, under the leadership of Matias, a young novice mouse empowered after inheriting the great sword of the legendary local warrior. A juvenile story born in the 80’s that I can’t recommend enough from the first issue to the 22nd.

Reading my story, you can also get some of the vibes of George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984. In general terms, it is about a totalitarian government that rules a country in Oceania. They keep their citizens under constant surveillance and even insist on spying on their thoughts to maintain order.

I love the personification of the Redwall series and the fighting spirit in 1984. I wanted to mimic that kind of story but with writing utensils. And essentially that’s the combination that led to the creation of The Pencil Insurrection. I think that when we are all depressed and have no choice but to live in our misery, we are compelled to rebel. It’s something that carries great weight in my mind. I know very well that even if the masses rise up, sometimes, just sometimes, the light of the fire is directed towards the oppressors.

What’s coming up next?

I have some great news for you today: it is possible that Uprising Of The Pencils will be turned into a series of books!

Honestly, I never thought I would do anything like this for this piece. But after discussing it with a marketing specialist, and getting help from an advertising specialist, we’ve managed to get this work going quite well on Amazon. Surprisingly, it has surpassed my Batey series in terms of sales and downloads.

For the possible follow-up of the book – because I’m not sure yet – I have thought that the next issue will be inspired by the Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith series. I’ve even come up with a title: “Return of the Pens”.

This is not intended to be a spoiler for those who did not finish the book. After all, turning it into a series is so far a hypothetical idea. Also, I want you, who have already had a chance to read this piece, to share with me your valuable opinions to determine the future of this story.

For now, I’ve started to develop the idea and do some writing. The truth is that the support of all of you for the first part has been everything to me. It fills me with energy to continue writing a second and possibly a third and fourth part. If you would be interested in making this project happen, leave your comments in the section below!

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