A scrappy kid. A ragtag team of athletes. An intergalactic competition. Who will be victorious?

Find out in Batey Ascending-The 1st in the Batey series. Friendship, Cyborgs, Space, Sports, and more. Grab your copy today.

Book Description

Do you know that sense of weightlessness you feel when you dream of flying? Have you ever wondered if the future would make that dream possible? What if you could defy gravity? Where would you go? Where would you play? What would await you?


Imagine yourself inside a dystopian world where sports include jetpacks and antigravity balls. A place in time where the earth has been decimated due to the lack of care from the human race. The only reprieve from the desolate wasteland is a game called Batey. A sport that combines an ancient game from the Taino people with the technology of tomorrow. In this version of the future, players and spectators alike are like a family, all coming together to prevail against all odds.

It’s more than just the sport of the future.
For some, their team is the family they never had.

Journey inside the world of Nico, a human rescued and raised by benevolent extraterrestrials as his planet is minutes from imploding. He dreams of becoming the next all-star Batey athlete. But it won’t be simple. Join Nico and his scruffy team as they prepare for the Batey tournament. Each of them has seen their share of strife and struggle and must decide if they’re up to the challenges they face to win the title.

The teams they’re up against aren’t just other athletes though. They must face cyborgs, aliens, and genetically modified human opponents. How will they fare against these mismatched competitors? What will they do when they feel like giving up might be their only option? Will they be able to clinch the title despite their odds?


You’ll need to tap into your sense of imagination and adventure to follow along on this page-turner. Combining sports and futuristic sci-fi elements to offer children and teens thought-provoking new perspectives and help them fall in love with reading, you’ll have even the most reluctant reader begging for the next in the series.

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