Batey – The Comic

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A family oriented, space, futuristic sport, where family is involved. Based on a Native American sport from the Taino people of the Dominican Republic and imagined futuristic technology. Futuristic jetpacks but on boots, with aerial hacky sack/soccer and an antigravity ball. The objective is to score in the opponents floating ring/goal. You will need to have an imagination in order to get into this future. Because it could happen, as humans naturally destroy the Earth, being bad caretakers of it. If we were capable of creating this technology with assistance from benevolent extraterrestrials. Who are bored in space and decide to save willing humans on their massive ship. Then it’s a possibility, as we would give them entertainment with a new sport in a new environment.


This is a published comic that will be published on this page as we have new updates. Here you’ll be able to see the first chapter of this brilliant project.


Those of you who had already heard the audiobook or read the Batey Ascending e-book series, know that we have made huge efforts to make this an illustrative, cinematographic-quality experience


Now, my talented friends and collaborators are developing our version of everything you could have imagined while enjoying this story. And it will be displayed in this comic. Of course, like all of my previous works, we will translate it to Spanish once it is complete.


For sure, this is something you don’t want to miss