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In the Beginning

Once upon a time… In a world where no one can imagine. Where most of the ground is just like a trampoline. Mountains made of condensed clouds. Animals of odd…


The First Key Part 2.2

At that moment. Kane heard a familiar man’s deep voice’s laughter. The person finally stopped laughing and said “When have you been so deceitful?”. Kane, still immobile from the pain,…


The First Key Part 2.1

Every once in life, a redeemed soul seems to find its way back to the realm of living and reincarnates. On this earth. There are things the mind can explain…

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El velo

Eones y eones de distancia ... Hay una galaxia similar a nuestra Vía Láctea, pero es cinco veces más trascendental. Diez veces menos tóxico. Lleno de recursos naturales. Lleno de…


The Veil

Eons and eons away... There is a galaxy similar to our Milky Way galaxy, but it is five times as momentous. Ten times less toxic. Filled with natural resources. Filled…