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A unique science fiction novel about a sports event that is popular in a dystopian future… Strongly recommended for teenagers and adults as well.” – Amazon Reviewer

I really enjoyed the story and am now waiting for MORE. A highly recommended read.” – Vision Quest

Experience the thrill of Batey Ascending like never before with our immersive audiobook. Narrated by talented voice actors and enhanced with sound effects and music, this cinematographic-like production guarantees one full hour of pure, high-quality entertainment you can’t miss.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listeners have raved about Batey Ascending, calling it a “unique science fiction novel about a sports event that is popular in a dystopian future” and a “highly recommended read.”

Join Nico, a plucky young sports player with a dream of making it big in the futuristic game of Batey, as he battles against teams of cyborgs and genetically modified opponents in a high-stakes tournament. Will his ragtag team of ordinary boys be able to come out on top against all odds? Find out in this imaginative and engaging speculative fiction story that’s packed with action, drama, and suspense.

Perfect for kids and teens who love reading about sports, sci-fi, and adventure, Batey Ascending offers thought-provoking perspectives and fun themes that are sure to keep them engaged. Don’t miss out on this audio adventure.

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