Nico is an incredible author whose love of reading started early as a boy growing up in the Caribbean. This passion has led him to inspire children and teens alike to find the stories that lead them to discover their own love of literature. Nico’s childhood was filled with inspiration that he draws on daily. From his rich heritage as part of the Taíno people of the Caribbean to the encouraging mentor and friend that is the inspiration for his pen name, Nico loves creating imaginative stories that take readers to other worlds that stretch the limits of reality.

Nico Pengin

Nico Pengin is a talented Dominican writer with a passion for storytelling that was ignited by the guidance of an inspiring mentor and his childhood love of the game Club Penguin. He channels this love of reading and writing into creating immersive, fantastical worlds through his comic series, Batey, set in a futuristic, speculative universe. In addition to writing, Nico is committed to staying active and inspiring readers of all ages through mentorship. He also cherishes time spent with his supportive family.
As a gamer himself, Nico also runs a YouTube channel where he interviews productive gamers, providing valuable insights and advice for his audience of fellow gamers looking to improve their life skills.

An interactive graphic novel filled with futuristic sports competitions, cyborgs, and family drama from both aliens and humans. This is a story with massive appeal for readers young and old alike. You’ll struggle to put this series down, and finishing one will leave you desperate for more. Translated in both English and Spanish, this is a story that has such a wide range, you’ll want to share it with all of your friends.


Accessible and dynamic, you won’t even realize how much time has passed as you are transported to another world with this otherworldly story that tackles more than just the average sports narrative. Crossing the world of athletes and sci-fi lovers, who wouldn’t love this dynamic tale?


Can a coming-of-age book with complex family dynamics appeal to children and teens alike? Is there really a novel out there that captures both a love of science fiction and sports? There is. Nico Pengin takes athleticism to another world with this intricate tale spanning such an impressive range of topics, you’ll wonder how he managed to get it all inside the pages of this book.