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Two Great Dominican rising stars Of American Boxing

Those who know me, know that competition moves me. Mostly with myself, but also with others. And though I love mixed martial arts, I know that there is a huge audience for the leading sport among combat disciplines: boxing.

I am pleased to bring news about this world and to introduce you to two boxers who are just starting their careers, showing us their great talent. I have the joy of knowing them personally, even before they started in this sport. I was also able to interview them and gather graphic material to show you a little more closely these two great rising stars. They are: Jamaine “The Technician” Ortiz y Jordany “D’Wave” Devers.

What do we know so far about these young men?

Both are Caribbean talent shining on U.S. soil, leaving their all in every training session at Camp Get Right in Worcester, Massachusetts. I am so proud and happy to see people with the same background as me, living the same reality as me, looking for ways to excel in what they love and conquer their own version of the American dream. I am glad to know that the Dominican Republic has examples of outstanding fighters like them.

Jordany “D’Wave” Devers

Jordany Devers with his trainer, Michael Ramos (left), and Carlos Garcia, Jamaine’s trainer (right)

I have had the honor of knowing this promising 21-year-old boxer since he was a young boy. We are connected not only by our Latino blood but also by our faith. I have known him since he was 12 years old, as his family and mine attend the same church. Time has given me the opportunity to see him grow from the boy who did not know his destiny in high school, to the man he is today. A man who has been training with great dedication and passion for his discipline for quite a time now.

His power takes over the arena. He strives to become increasingly comfortable in the ring, making him a tougher opponent for those who face him. He has the advantage of working alongside top boxing trainers and talents. And he can also see Ortiz’s journey up close. This way, he already knows which path to follow, making success closer and more reachable for him.

Jordany “D’Wave” Devers – Sparring – Boxing Highlights Pre-Golden Gloves 165lb Workout

Jordany “D’Wave” Devers – Boxing Highlights – Western New England Golden Gloves Semi-Finals

This past January 30, he outclassed his opponent and won by divided decision in the semifinal of the Western New England Golden Gloves, 165lb division. After that, he continued training hard to surprise everyone in the last fight. And so he did. This February 5, he dominated his opponent for three straight rounds, winning unanimously the final of this national improvement tournament, authorized by USA Boxing and regulated by Golden Gloves of America Inc. He currently holds the following titles:

  • 2018 W.N.E Golden Gloves Champion
  • 2019 New England Champion
  • 2022 W.N.E Golden Gloves Champion, and his first belt

Jamaine “the technician” Ortiz

Jamaine Ortiz (right) and his trainer, Rocky Gonzalez (left)

This undefeated lightweight prospect was once my Psychology 101 classmate at Quinsigamond Community College. There, I got to know a side of Jamaine that complemented his physical abilities very well. A dedicated student, showing off his intellect in the classroom.

Jamaine fights smart, by the rules, and fiercely. Anyone willing to step into the ring to face him has to understand that, as soon as the bell rings, this opponent will give 120% and will not settle for the judge’s decision. With devastating punches, quick as lightning. Ability to make combinations in the blink of an eye. Lateral steps that reach the blind spot of his opponents.

Jamaine “The Technician” Ortiz – Workout Video – Highlights from Media Day

A clear example of this was seen in his fight against Sulaiman Segawa in the undercard to the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior fight on November 28, 2020.

Jamaine is currently ranked 13 in the USA and 61 in the world for the lightweight division. His next match will be against Nahir Albright. He will be fighting for the North American Boxing Federation title on February 18, 2022, in Orlando, Florida at the Caribe Royale. Can’t wait for this event!

Ortiz, beyond boxing

He is one of those students who, like me, always seeks to sit among the first rows, to attend and speak during class. As soon as the teacher opened the debate on the topic of the day, Jamaine, two other students and I, would begin to share our points of view enthusiastically.

I confess, that Psychology 101 became one of my favorite subjects in my college career since there was someone who wanted to challenge me – and defeat me – on an intellectual level.. And The Technician is really good at expressing himself.

For the rest, however, he seemed to be a quiet person, especially when someone else approached him. This aspect intrigued me and, at the same time, I found it similar to Mike Tyson’s behavior with the pigeons, keeping quiet, enjoying his own world.

Seeing him now I can understand that he is a focused, dedicated person. That his hard work in every area of his life has led him to achieve his greatest desires little by little. And that he has many more to fulfill. His silence, to me, denotes the level of physical and mental confidence that this guy has in himself. He doesn’t need to talk to let people know who he is. His victories speak for himself.

This young man is also known for being highly skilled in finances, for his entrepreneurial sense, for excelling as a real estate agent, and even for working for the local carpenters’ union. All this before becoming a full-time boxer.

He shares his knowledge not only in regards to boxing. He has also guided young men to better manage their finances. A few years ago the city of Worcester gave him the opportunity to help low-income kids understand more about it.

Last words today…

I’m grateful for the opportunity to spread the word about our great local talents. Inspiring young people not only in their field but for many other great projects. Who knows what fantastic ideas will come out of this contact, new ideas for Argue Bros, or maybe new characters for the Batey series?

You can only find out if you keep up with my posts!

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