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If Your Life Were a Role Playing Game Series #5

This is the fifth installment of the blog series. Check the first one here.


When you think of role-playing video games being as real-life simulators. Intelligence might not be on the highest list of Priorities. But in real life, I promise you, intelligence is the power to push through mental and complicated problems. The intelligence that you have allows you to have a high IQ score. Which is, I see really pattern recognition. This would allow somebody to represent how clever they are. In games. This would determine the power of spells and the ability to resist other magic attacks, as well as measure deductive reasoning, cognitive mindset, knowledge, memory, logic, and rationality

Importance of Intelligence

For those that have very low intelligence, this would enable them to be animalistic. Where they are unable or incapable of logic or reason. They may even have very limited speech. And since they cannot communicate, they might do charades to express their thoughts. Of course, they will misuse and mispronounce words. And they will most likely have very difficulty following a train of thoughts and they would forget the most basic of information. 

At the opposite extreme is someone with high intelligence. Not only do they have great knowledge, but they may also be able to recognize even the most complicated problems and patterns, these might be able to create new, more efficient, and effective processes or processes for previous things. In addition, they would understand tasks rather quickly and due to being a smarter individual than most everyone knows, they may also be famous for being a savant and a genius.

How to Increase Your Intelligence

Many individuals would like to increase their knowledge, but few know exactly what to do. You can’t only increase your knowledge by getting adequate sleep, eating right, and taking mental supplements. The most important thing is to read consistently, to challenge your mind every day, either by having a conversation with someone as or smarter than you or by doing some kind of pattern recognition activity.

For example, some of the tasks or activities you can do can be playing chess, and Tetris, Rubik’s cube, and there are even classic quiz games that use different trivia to exercise your mind, they are great options because they teach you and give you new knowledge in an entertaining way.

On the other hand, you can make use of IQ exercises, they require skill and practice, and the only way to improve your mind is to exercise it. You would have to do mental flexions and make your mind fit and adapt to new knowledge, having a complete mental training in order to increase intelligence.

The Progress of Intelligence

Many individuals, train their Body instead of their mind because they can actually see their muscles grow and they can see results. With mental exercises, you cannot see the results, just as easily. You would have to truly believe that you are getting smarter every page you read, every exercise you do regarding mental exercises, as well as every conversation that you have with somebody just as smart or smarter than you. There is no immediate gratification. It’s a general progression of getting better over time

Some people like to fast-track their intelligence and use drugs or other things in order to just cheat their way into being smarter. Unfortunately, can’t just copy and paste information into your brain. You have to learn, whether slowly or quickly, and put the things together to gain that intelligence. But once you put in that time and effort to get smarter. The next time a problem comes your way, you’ll most likely be capable of recognizing the pattern to get over that situation.


Intelligence is one of the most useful aspects in real life and video games, it requires high mental training that is not easy to acquire for everyone equally, some people may prefer to be physical, strength, or dexterity oriented, while others are strategic, logical, and inventors.

Also, let’s remember that launching amazing skills in video games requires a high level of intelligence, so if you want to do it you will have to strive to increase your level a lot. If I have brought you some clarity on the subject, I would like you to share in the comments what kind of activities do you think can make us smarter in real life?

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