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The Joker vs. Achilles

A refreshing short story where my 2 great movie favorites go face to face in an unprecedented situation. Perfect for a 5-minute break. Who is going to win? Find out and leave your thoughts below!

A new encounter where good and evil face each other again to appease the thirst for revenge that left by a long road of bitterness.

The Joker, a sinister sociopath who now works as a mercenary for the highest bidder, capable of killing his victim with laughter – literally; and the Trojan hero, a family man, considered the strongest, fastest, and most handsome warrior of his kind: Achilles.

The Joker and his people will soon regret having left a loose thread during one of their many misdeeds.

This terrible assassin was in charge of killing anyone who tried to cross the cornfields he was supposed to protect, avoiding at all costs the testing of the harvest. But he did not count on the fact that one night he would face an invincible man with an unwavering reason.

Achilles wants to put an end once and for all to the trail of suffering that the Joker leaves behind in every town he goes through, and to make amends for his own grief in a pitched battle.

Achilles was trespassing on dangerous soil.  He wanted to face the strongest villain known to man. Only fables talked about this monstrosity. The Joker. Achilles wanted to finish off this feeder of ravens. The number of villages that he has tormented is enormous. Achilles wanted to get his icicle of blood and just pierce this villain. But it would be no easy task. Many have tried, none have succeeded…so far.

Before these demigods clashed, there was a war. In that war, The Joker had taken all that belonged to Achilles. He murdered his wife and executed his two daughters. He showed Achilles all he acquired from killing his family. But Achilles was helpless as he was tied up and left for dead.

Little did The Joker and his crew know that there were people who saw what had happened, and helped Achilles after they had left. Achilles was torn inside. He let salty seas out of his eyes. He kept a straight face in front of his adversaries, but they had gone and he mourned his loss. And he mourned those that took his family away from him. He would soon be on the path to seek revenge.

Achilles had known that The Joker was a mercenary and took the most profitable jobs. He had started researching about his whereabouts. But only those that slept by the sword knew where he was and what he was doing. So Achilles decided to make a few people of the underworld go to sleep by the sword, for it was the only manner to make them talk. Finally, there was a scared man who spoke to him and gave Achilles some clues.

With a newfound clue, Achilles traveled a great distance. He picked up on The Joker’s trail….it was not a pleasant place. It was a palace. It seemed that The Joker had a job from a wealthy and powerful man. Achilles had been talking to the girl of the houses and she told him that The Joker was hired to eliminate anyone that went into a cornfield. It sounded bizarre at first but she continued to tell him that a lot of the wealthy and powerful man’s competitors wanted to test out the corn maze.

Achilles knew what to do at once. He asked the girl which of the competitors hated him the most. She gladly did as she was bidden. Thus, Achilles ran straight forth to that man and told him what The Joker would do. The man was scared but Achilles had an idea.

Achilles suggested this man: to let him go for him. The man, who had never heard of Achilles, did not want a stranger to go into the serpent’s lair. But with a little more pushing Achilles convinced the man.

Achilles was fitted into more comfortable clothing. Extensively expensive pieces were given to him so his disguise would not be blown. The clothes limited the movement of him but that did not matter. All he had to do was strike his seeker of blood into the villain and his vengeance would be complete.

There were more rich people in the group that Achilles was assigned to. But these wealthy beings were younger and more foolish. He could understand why The Joker was hired to take them out. Nonetheless, he had a job to do and a task that took away a lot of dream chasing.

The exhibition of the maze was at night and only two guards that were protecting the group had lanterns and medium-sized rapiers. They wouldn’t help at all. But suddenly a shriek rang loud and clear in the air… everyone was petrified. Then silence. Suddenly there was laughter, an abundance of it. Achilles knew there wasn’t much time until The Joker showed up. His signature assassination method was killing through poison, a poison that would trigger laughter until it finished its job…and it was one hundred percent accurate.

The guards seemed at first shocked but then they took their faces off! It disturbed everyone but Achilles. He knew who those people were. They were The Joker’s henchmen. He immediately went to the one that seemed slower and weaker and took his rapier and stabbed him right in the stomach. The food of the evening just seemed to ooze out slowly as if it didn’t have a place in the outside world. Then the second henchman ran to Achilles and hit him with the butt of the sword, while Achilles dodged it and slashed at his arm, tearing his arm in half, right where the elbow used to be.

Achilles could sense The Joker. Then he ditched the group, much to their dismay. He ran zigzagging across the maze until he was finally at the center. There was a shadow… he knew who it was, he could just tell. It was The Joker.

The Joker was about to say something but Achilles didn’t care. He flung the rapier at him and sprinted at full speed. The Joker easily dodged and sidestepped Achilles, while taking out his favorite weapon: a cat o’ nine tails. He whipped it at Achilles; the first time just showing how much difference there was between them. He continued to showcase his skills with this whip until Achilles wanted no more. He grabbed a corn stalk and ran towards the joker. The Joker thought he was a foolish man and whipped it intending to sever his head off, but Achilles jumps back and uses the corn stalk as a substitution and the whip catches the corn stalk. The Joker is taken aback and immediately pulls out a rapier.

Achilles just grins foolishly. His worst enemy decides to fight him at close combat, his specialty. They both rush at each other, neither wanting to give the other an upper hand. Achilles had been fighting without a weapon for some time. But it didn’t seem that way. He kept pushing The Joker back and back until The Joker stabs Achilles right above his heart. Achilles takes no moment to grab the joker and snap his neck.

Achilles had done it. He had rid his enemy, but he was mortally wounded. He had no one to pass his legacy to. His family was murdered and his vengeance was accomplished. He could die at peace. He wanted to pass on the story but he was too wounded to get up and tried to find his way out of the maze. Instead, he decided to write with a corn stalk this story into the ground, hoping that some future generation would receive the message.

Achilles then passed into the realm of Hades as soon as he finished writing his tale. Some of the group that Achilles left behind found his body and of The Joker and the story he left. And told it to the world how Achilles rid the world of the greatest evil at a heavy price.

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