Habits and Religion of The Peaceful Taino People

In this article, we explore the history and secrets of the mythical Taino culture and explore its history as a source of inspiration for the creation of our modern world. In this brief article, I explore their history, discover their origins and the pillars of their religion, culture, and faith. “Taino means “noble and good”, and their society was gentle, friendly, and highly organized”. [1, 2]


It was only on later Spanish voyages that they discovered that the Taino Indians smoked for pleasure and above all for religious purposes, but it was only on their later journey that they discovered it. In the indigenous Caribbean religion, there are one or two supreme deities, and there is a working-class called Naborias, the Nitainos, which includes religious leaders and medical leaders.

Atabey is the supreme goddess of all Tainos (c. Jimmy Rivera (Flickr / AtABey) is a pre-Columbian-era deity. The minor gods who take the form of little idols made of clay (RELIGION MYTH) are the natural phenomena that anchor their religions. [2, 4]

The group is influenced by the religious teachings of the Naborias, the leaders, and medical leaders of the Naborian society and their religious leaders. [3]

Taino’s spirituality is an oral tradition that passes on the beliefs of oral reports to the arts, which represent the material culture that reflect the beliefs and practices of people in their daily lives. Not much has been written about religion, the Pane text, which Yale scholar Jose Juan Arrom has reconstructed from several different sources, such as the Naborian texts, and it is a living religion. These characteristics are in line with the religious teachings of the Tainos as well as with other religions in the region. [2, 5] 

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