The past is not stationed in the past

Human beings like to complicate a lot of the history that happened. Prime example. The super famous explorer, world renown, Christopher Columbus. What exactly is this man in history known for again? Let me see…

What he is infamous for…?

This guy. He made a few trips across the Atlantic Ocean that has “never been done before. Oh also, he discovered a location that had people already living there. It is such a horrendous atrocity. How can you discover something that has already been discovered? How? This “grand discovery” led to the brutalization, and colonization of my people. This led to the mutilation of my people.

This led to the hurt and betrayal of my people. Columbus even wrote to Queen Isabella and I quote directly from the horse’s mouth,” They are artless and generous with what they have, to such a degree as no one would believe but him who had seen it. Of anything, they have, if it be asked for, they never say no, but do rather invite the person to accept it, and show as much lovingness as though they would give their hearts.” (1)

To say one thing and then become one of the nastiest enforcers of human exploration and exploitation and to still receive honor and glory? Pitiful. I pity the fool who worships evil and calls it good. Who looks at bad and calls it right. And says Mr. Columbus discovered a people that he then sold as slaves.

He is revered in this world as a bringer of light or truth for his explorations, when in reality he brought us death, fear, and hunger. The Taino people and beautiful and gentle. Honestly, they are some of the most efficient indigenous groups. They had a farming system that allowed them to set it up almost once a year and barely have anything to do throughout the year except to harvest. Yet they were branded savages? They were allowed to be executed, mutilated, all in the name of discovery? Gold? Land? Pride?

Here we are today

History does indeed repeat itself. The people at the bottom of the totem pole must carry this heavy burden placed upon society. I fear that the future will continue to allow these destructive human beings the honor and glory of being respected and glorified. When instead, should serve a terrible example of human villainy. What happens when government/monarchy decides what is the worth of someone’s life? Is it worth a “hawk’s bell full of gold every three months or when this was lacking, twenty-five pounds of spun cotton”? (2)

What a crazy idea to value someone as low as that. That is what is celebrated today. The accomplishments of men and women that tear down colored men and women. Looking at today, I see no difference now either. Men are getting killed for jogging in the streets with a phone in hand.

Or maybe they get choked to death by the officers sworn to protect? Or for having some fake money… I can only wonder what would have happened to one of my ancestors if they presented to Columbus’ crew some fake gold, or fake cotton. I assure you, just like George Floyd, those ancestors would not have lived to the next day to correct themselves from that mistake. Brutality.

Additional Sources: Taino-Facts

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  1. Dean Gabrielson

    I love the article, but the small red text is hard for a 65-year old with failing eyes to read.

  2. Bob

    He was a socialist liberal.

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