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The book you won’t stop reading, Batey Ascending


Have you ever thought about utilizing your power of creative imagination? It can deliver a fulfilled future faster than expected. That’s why Batey Ascending is a must-read story. This ebook gives you new ideas to handle future challenges. It creates fun, refreshes mindset, and incites invention. It’s about life accomplishment and peace of mind to stay focused in any environment. This 45-page published ebook is richly insightful and teaches about family involvement and strength. It’s an exciting family-oriented, space, and futuristic sport. An imaginative work of human ingenuity to keep you happy. It teaches you how you can “come, see and conquer” like people of old. Available in electronic and audiobook formats, you can get them in the footer for direct purchase through Amazon.

It envisions the display of future challenges with available solutions. The best choice to make when challenges strike is the lesson it teaches you. Can you imagine yourself using futuristic jetpacks but on boots while doing a flying sport? Or in aerial hacky sack/soccer and playing with a hovering antigravity ball? Within the same imaginative context, this game enables you to score in your opponent’s floating ring/goal. It’s about aiming high with life-lifting experiences, and always being ready against all odds. There is no provision for losers here, no not one! The ascension tale gives you the best of fun to envision a winning game plan. And lastly, on the game, imaginative prowess is absolutely required to give you an understanding into how this game is played.


Batey Ascending is an envisioned comparison to the reality of our present-day world. It paints an image of what will happen if an unexpected disaster occurs. And since humans are perceived as bad caretakers, chances are that one day the earth will be allowed to naturally crumble. What will be your next immediate action? That is why this technology is being created with the assistance of blue benevolent extraterrestrials. These creatures are equally bored in space and are eagerly waiting to save the willing humans on their massive ship to space. Once the humans arrive in the space, they can entertain their hosts with a new sport in that environment, New Batey.


Can you imagine losing everyone you ever knew and having to move on to a new environment? When we go through situations as complicated as moving away from our loved ones and even of our lives filled with a state of comfort, we get to the point where we wonder if we are in the right place at the right time. In Batey Ascending you will see the origins of a young man who struggles for the rebirth of his life and dreams while having to deal with the reality of a place where the capabilities of its inhabitants make him look ordinary.


Batey Ascending(book)/Batey(comic&series)/New Batey(sport) is based on the Native American sport from the Taino people of the Dominican Republic. It visualizes a futuristic technology with the best entertainment opportunities. The entire sport is about scoring into your opponent’s goal using your body parts and not your hand or feet. Launching the ball into the air with slight certainties of victory. Perfectly good for children and adults alike to play.

This story is an illustrative and cinematographic work of quality experience. The added collaboration and development have made it so interesting that copies are now available in Spanish. It is only right all Latinos also enjoy this story as well.


 Nico, is the main character in this eBook. As a young man with nothing to lose, he redirected his life and joined other aspiring space migrants. With dreads in his hair and a lack of fearing others, he strives to carry on despite losing all his loved ones and the life he knew. Great determination, isn’t it? Even though there is an Earth-like life in this need-based environment, the human yearning and this new technology are to get themselves into an entertainment renaissance. This giant expedition portrays why New Batey is the sport of the new times. Batey Ascending is an expectation that the human life has a second chance to live elsewhere should this earth be destroyed.


Lessons well learned will help you in this life. Nico applied the knowledge gotten from the futuristic play of the ancient Taino game to quickly make himself new friends. He also had the family he deserved and even reunited with those he never thought to see again. On the contrary, as he tries to make a name for himself in this sport, adversity knocked on his door. Now looking at the challenge before him, only his heart and willpower will not be sufficient for him to combat these enhanced cyborgs and genetically modified humans. But Nico is determined to claw and fight his way to win the battle.


A story fervent in the development of an insightful character who will overcome all obstacles in the quest to achieve his dreams and goals in a futuristic and intriguing world that will thrill you with the possibilities of a futuristic reality, while you will advance page by page creating questions throughout and finding yourself eager to get the answers on the next page. In addition, the story features a gripping ascend to action, drama, and suspense surrounded by events that will leave you feeling and imagining the paths that Nico will be going through.


What will it take Nico and his friends to win this need-to-win-match? What chance does he stand to create and bring his newfound dreams into reality? Or Will Nico eventually crumble at the hands of his nemesis in this new environment? Find out the answers to these insightful, intriguing, and informative questions from the ebook and audiobook. You can check directly our footer where you will get my books so you can start reading about this wonderful adventure.

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