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The Unknown Blues – Batey #3

Creating aliens in the world of science fiction is no easy task. Especially when these aliens embrace different ideals. You see, the term foreign simply means foreign or belonging to a foreign country or nation. Also unfamiliar, disturbing, or unpleasant. Also, of or expressing supposedly being from other worlds. When the story was first created in my head. I knew right away that these aliens, in fact, would actually be blue.

These beings from other worlds do not have eyes. Eye sockets are sunken, always black. Almost as if they were. But they can see you and you can feel that they are looking at you. They were tall and slinky as jelly. Their bodies resemble what a stick figure would look like. Growing up, I couldn’t draw, so for a while, my imagination worked with my limited arts.

Not all Unknown Blues looked the same either. Some Unknown Blues had more than one head. Others had multiple legs as well. Some had of a body and could fly. Others were shaped like huge canines. One, in particular, was sculpted with a masked face with sunken eyes and a round black mouth. And where the right tentacle/hand was, there was another face.

These aliens. They were actually scientific pioneers. They travel across the galaxies, conducting research. Not only that, they also love knowledge because they think it’s powerful. They have been doing this since the beginning of the ages, ever since light entered the universe and life was breathed into it. As if they were specifically tasked with gathering information for someone or something…

From the moment they were introduced, these beings did not show the slightest hostility. They arrived when Earth was at its lowest critical point and rescued as many eager participants as possible in their large spaceships. Gibraltar. They did this to save at least part of an ecosystem that would be destroyed. and no, they did not request two by two. They welcome all willing participants. They clothed and fed the human race so that they would not become extinct.

But sometimes, when somebody is too nice to you, it almost feels very condescending, don’t you think?

For a race that has always existed, you’d think they’d know everything, right? If they saw the earth going through cycles of extinction and dying and restarting over and over and over again, why would they try to do their part to rescue as many as possible? Could it be that the human race was actually going to become extinct for the last time due to the bad practice that humans had of destroying the planet with themselves on it? Or could it be that since these beings were so intelligent that they knew everything, they simply needed someone to “shut up and drool“? Or in this case, shut up and jet fly through the sky, and score goals to distract from life’s bigger pictures?

I don’t know about you, but after a long day at work, I want to do nothing but relax and watch some sports too. Or play them, of course.

The Unknown Blues, however, they’re very observant. And as we proceed to read more of the story, we will see exactly why they think and do this. Stay tuned for more in this blog post series about the Batey series.

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