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If Your Life Were a Role Playing Game Series #3

This is the third post in this blog series, check out the first one here.

Now the more intricate attributes will be starting to be explained. If you’ve been following along with the previous two blog posts, you understand that health and mana are very important in video games and in life. But these are the introductory attributes and information regarding life and video games. Because now we have the third attribute, about “if your life were a role-playing game. “


This is the physical and stored energy that we have in the game and in life, of course. If we never focus on our stamina, then we will be unable to move inches without having great discomfort. But on the flip side, if we become experts at having high stamina, we will be able to run miles without even breaking a sweat or running out of breath.

Finding out the balance as to what you want to do in life and how much stamina will be required is critical, I believe. You see, I was born with a high amount of stamina. So, I’m not sure how people with low stamina like my sister do things in life. I can keep trying time and time again because I still have the energy and the capacity to not give up, and I have that capacity to keep on going ahead without a break in concentration or a break in energy levels. Versus somebody with low energy like that, They’re unable to continue because they get tired right away. But if life were a video game, what would you do in order to increase your stamina?

How to Increase Resistance?

In some role-playing games. You just have to continuously do the same action over and over again to improve it. When we think of some video games, we can remember strategies ranging from going to the gym (Yes, inside the game) to increasing your stamina on the walking machine, but of course, there are other examples with more fantasy, like running plains or climbing icy mountains to get higher and higher stamina. If you’ve played as many games as I have, surely more than once you’ve run through the game when you suddenly notice a bright light coming out of your character that tells you that you have indeed leveled up or improved some stat, such as the aforementioned stamina.

So, if we think about real life, surely, we could improve our stamina with activities such as walking, jogging or running on a daily basis. And of course, keep pushing yourself every day, without giving up even on a Monday or Tuesday. Just trying even, the minimum effort on one day will give you the impetus to keep going the next day, many people don’t want to give themselves credit for doing something with the minimum effort. For example, I have a friend who, instead of walking five minutes a day, prefers to walk once a month for 10 miles (about 10 miles) because he has such high standards for what he has to do when he tries something. While others try to make the minimum effort so they don’t give up the next day because they may have overexerted themselves.

Aspects affecting Resistance

Not only is it important to improve stamina, but recovery time to regain vigor is almost just as essential. For quite some time, features have been used in video games such as “sleep” where you must sleep with your character to recover after a hard session of activities such as hunting dragons or going through dungeons, without forgetting that this includes taking care of your diet so as not to cause diseases or even lose the figure of your character, which directly affects the strength and endurance of the same.

With this in mind, we can say that normally our body in real life needs to rest, which we do when we sleep, and, you see, sleep disconnects you for 6 or 8 hours a day. But you also can’t do physical activities during the remaining hours of the day, that’s where the concept of having downtime can effectively improve your productivity when you then concentrate on something essential.

Pomodoro technique

If you didn’t know about the Pomodoro technique, it is a time management system that encourages people to work with the time they have rather than against it. This would mean having 25-minute intervals and then five-minute breaks in between. That way, if at any point something is too overwhelming for you, you can stop there and pick up where you left off later or on another day.

These types of strategies apply not only in your personal life, but can also be applied in school, as well as improve your performance in business or video games in general. When you realize that you lack the energy to get through the day or task, it becomes a key indicator that allows you to realize that you are simply running out of stamina to accomplish the task and that you either need to give up for the day and go to sleep and rest or that you need to change your diet and processing techniques.


The point is to be consistent and keep trying in order to improve the amount of energy that you have access to exercise and rest, as well as taking the necessary supplements or organic supplements and eating healthy, you can also improve your stamina. You can treat your life as if it was a video game and improve your energy.

For having come this far, it would mean the world if you liked this post and commented below on what led you to read all of it, or what intrigued you the most. If I did a good job explaining stamina, will leave me a like? (You will acquire 50 stamina by doing so). Also, let me know in the comments, how do you increase your stamina daily?

Stay tuned for the next blog post In the series.

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