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If Your Life Were a Role Playing Game Series #1

I am a gamer. I love to play video games. In the beginning, I never really had a specific set of video games that I loved over the others. Simply because I was a child, I was thrilled at anything innovative and new. Especially games that always intrigued the focused attention that I lacked on more serious matters. Being allowed to play with other people made me even more grateful for video games and electronics as a whole.

I’m not knocking down the single-player games, because somebody will misinterpret. I’m simply saying I prefer playing with other people. Other people make the games much more fun and life much more fun. Plus, I love last-hitting monsters to get the most experience and taking loot they earned since we are partied up. Yes, I am that type of party member, lol.

My Favorite Genre

One of my favorite genres is the MMORPG genre. This stands for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. And it’s honestly one of the best ways that I’ve connected with my closest friends for so many years. As well as games that enabled me to have a deep bond with some friends. I’ve played Order and Chaos with my sister, Imcompletelyme And FredinProgress. I remember at the time. Reading articles that stated your personality type is the kind of person you should play in an MMORPG.

In general, I was almost always an impulsive young man, plus I loved to run without a game plan in everything I did in life, so, in these game modes., I always decided to go with the berserker, tank, or warrior. Fred was always the calculative kind that would like to shoot from afar. So that way, if the danger was too much, he could easily sneak off, AKA the Ranger. My sister, always liked to play when she had nothing else to do and didn’t really care about her race or class. So, she would be the healer. This was my main party. Usually, NicoPengin and FredinProgress, because my sister would only play once every blue moon.

Attributes of Videogames in Real Life

As a person who plays almost 10 hours a week to video games (League of Legends has entered the chat). I think that sometimes some people consider video games as something negative, but during the last years, I have visualized how much similarity their concepts have with real life and that, despite knowing how to differentiate them, I like to explore those concepts and relate them to my day to day life. They have come to entertain, teach and fuel my passions, such as science fiction. So, I’d like to show you a little bit about my vision of this.

Now, one of the most important attributes, if not the most important, in an MMORPG, is your health. Even though my sister was a healer and didn’t really know how to play the game. Her number one priority was to keep us alive. In most MMORPG games, health is a red bar. Typically, you start with a low level and as you level up, it goes up. Health is the most indispensable attribute in any game and in life. Essentially, it is the amount of damage you or a character can take before dying or being knocked out.

Health in Real Life

If you think about it, both in real life and in games, when you have very low health, then you are essentially weak and fragile, and even a breeze or a bee sting can kill you. But if you strive to develop yourself and become much healthier, progressing through the various levels of your day to day life, as well as growing with each experience you gain, then you will be very healthy and vigorous. And only if we talk about the game, a bullet won’t even hurt you, when you are around level 100! So as long as you know that red is health and that it is the most important attribute in this game called life, then you and I can focus on becoming the healthiest players possible.

The Balance in the Scales

Let’s be honest, since we were little more than once some of us have broken our sleep schedule, skipped a meal of the day, or even gone a couple of days without taking a bath (Fuchi, but yes, admit it). These types of situations can happen in our lives, the important thing is to find the balance and understand that everything we do generates reactions in our bodies. So, yes, playing video games is a great thing and like any other great thing we do, it requires moderation and not neglecting our other issues.

In case you’re wondering what that looks like, by the way. I’d like to point you to some examples of our common hobby (video games) to make this a little more dynamic. So, in games, apart from our distinguished health bar, we can also encounter a set of stats that are what define our characters. If we think about the “stamina” statistic we will visualize that it is very common the way it acts in the game as in our real life.

Endurance in real life and video games

It turns out that in the video games in which this statistic exists, normally our character can feel fatigued after a series of actions, such as running, attacking, and even doing some work. So we need to eat, drink water and rest to recover from these states of fatigue, so you see, a feature as common as it is resistance, can be found not only in video games but also in our real life.

By the way, did you know that in some video games you can eat something, and instead of making you well, your character gets sick, in fact, I have seen some of my characters vomit, from eating raw food or some kind of “Extravagant” food, yes, murlocs, those little amphibious creatures, are not so tasty.

So, just like video game characters, you too must be sure not to overload yourself. Relax once in a while, and exercise for 1 hour a day. Use eye drops if your eyes feel dry and you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. You may want to consider getting orange glasses that filter out blue light. I am not a druid healer, but these are just a few examples in case you are thinking about what a healthy gamer might look like.


Remember that the healthier you are, the less you can complain about your lag in real life, as well as your lag on the Internet, and blame it on your skills. Keep striving to improve! After all, we are human beings, and regardless of whether you are playing a lot of video games or not, the essence of our health lies in the care we take for our body and mind.

If you liked this. Stay tuned for the other eleven articles in the “If your life were a role-playing game” series as I will be bringing you much more dynamic content for you to enjoy and join me in the passion that unites us. Be sure to give a “like”, comment, and subscribe to my newsletter for more. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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