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Reasons to Focus

Impulsiveness in my way

After joining a business networking group that meets once a week, they have assisted in reviewing my mind state with a veteran consultant, leading the way. I think I have reached some of the best focus of my life through this experience. It is through simple methods and simple guidances that have allowed me to create a huge volume of momentum regarding my productivity in business and my personal life.

I wish I had this experience long ago, but I think anyone can agree with me that sometimes we know the right paths at the times when we need them the most and in the circumstances that our life can have significant changes through them. We are not always ready to understand ourselves, but when we do, our creativity, energy, and strength merge to create a better professional and human being.

The energy to change

After checking myself before, during, and after these accompaniments, I have been able to learn about my reasons for doing things. And most importantly since this is regarding business and self-improvement, it has allowed me to recognize my main reasons as to why I need to focus, and how to not waste my hyperactivity on nothingness, and instead channel that energy into something productive that could last for a lifetime and enrich the paths I am following in my professional and personal life.

The reasons for the path I took

By constantly remembering daily, by writing down why I’m so focused and driven on working hard and on becoming the best version of myself constantly, I don’t have to worry about what drives me. It’s almost as if every breath I take I’m constantly reminded why I worked so hard.

I just need to consider; how can I possibly sleep or focus on anything else if I can’t remember why I am putting so much work into creating a brand other people can stand behind and can support publicly or secretly. A brand that people will naturally start to recognize as something that might not be the best but I won’t give up that time. A brand that I will continue to build and carry forward with the pride and dedication that it deserves, there is no creation of which we cannot feel satisfied, even more so when we plot a course towards the success of our ideas.

Finally, I have come to conclude that once we have found a reason to continue, there are no limits we can have, we just have to accept the past, consider the future, and build on the present. So, whether that’s trying comics, blogs, trying podcasting or self-improvement writing, etc. I will keep moving forward because I have multiple reasons why I will not give up and I will keep trying my absolute best. Namely family and friends, and to earn respect and to help others achieve greatness in their businesses as well, with an upcoming business to business venture that I will be launching soon with my business partner. Stay tuned.

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