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The Batey Series World: The location of the story – Batey #2

I’m having way too much fun building this world and explaining where I got the inspiration from. I decided to make it into a series where I explain the ins and outs of this world of the Batey series. Since I explained where the concept of the story and the sport came from, I decided to also explain where the story unfolds. Or at least where it is mostly located.

Perhaps you are wondering, in the first place, if this is a series of Dominican Taíno inspiration, where does the origin of the name come from?

I’m not sure exactly how the name popped into my head, but I wanted to make sure that the ship’s name was not something organically normal for Dominicans. Kind of like the Santa Maria ship, it was not a normal organic ship from the Dominican Republic, as she came from Spain to massacre the natives. But when the name hit me and I decided to look up the definition, I was blown away. Gibraltar means fortress or impregnable stronghold. And this is so ideal for the story because he needed a big ship that couldn’t be taken.

The comics give it much more justice as you can see a visual representation. When I first started the series, I couldn’t give it the fine-tuning that is so desperately needed. But actually, the ship is a huge alien spaceship.

In the first book, it is mentioned that it is about the size of the United States of America. I never specified the exact size as I was only focused on the story, but this is what this series of blog posts is about; fill in the missing gaps and answer the necessary questions for current and future installments of the series. The United States owns approximately 2.3 billion acres of land.. This makes it the third largest country by land mass behind Russia and Canada, respectively.

As one can imagine, this is a very large ship. So big, in fact, that inside the ship you are able to divide sectors of the ship into human sectors. And the humans decide, of course, to name the spaces after what their previous countries were, just on a different scale. So, inside the spaceship, there are countries like China, Japan, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Russia, etc. 

The ship is very massive and has three large main openings, which are entry and exit points. Think of an entrance the size of Ellis Island, but even more so an alien spaceship. The entrances are capable of absorbing what’s underneath, but since it’s run by peace-loving aliens, they don’t do it randomly. They mainly use it to vacuum the heavy ships that would come in. Or in emergencies. This particular ship is packed with very futuristic technology inside. As well as protective armor on the outside. As this is a spaceship after all.

Now in the story. The ship is above the earth for most of the story. Since the Earth is in a chaotic state. This ship is floating far enough away that whatever is going on over there doesn’t affect it. But not so far that they can’t see. This allows those who run the ship to be able to get involved in everything that happens on Earth. In addition to flying anywhere if necessary. But in this story, they stay right where they are. For now. 

As for who is running the ship, what are the hierarchies? and who are the aliens?.. Well, I can only say that they are the Unknown Blues. And that will be described in the next blog post, as well as why they came to Earth, and why they blessed us, earthlings with the beloved new sport, New Batey, mixed with their technology and our cultural creativity.

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