The Beautiful Maiden Deity Whose Breath, Whispered Wind Onto The Earth PT 2

2 generations have passed since the Morphed 4 split up. They created their own territorial district. The world has devolved around those 4 Districts.

“Where is that wretched woman?!”

they were spouting.

“Bring her to me now”,

they were saying. A group of people gathered together to look at the sky. People are in a state of confusion. They see what looks like three people above them. Three humans that look like them. As crowds begin to form, some begin to ponder what language these beings are speaking. And how they magically and mysteriously appeared. The area where three mysterious men pull up is in District 2. Many people in District 2 did not know anything about what one of the men was speaking of. Many people in District 2 barely even understood him. All of a sudden, one of the men in the sky spewed out,

“I’m tired of this!”

and threw what appears to be a black box onto the ground. Oddly enough, once it hit the ground, this black box disappeared. People were in shock. They were afraid of looking at the black box on the ground disappearing into nothing. Slowly but surely, people begin to lose their breath. No matter how far they were trying to run, the people on the ground were suffocating. As the beings in the sky were watching the people on the ground wallow in pain. And die. They were laughing at those who were trying to run. The one in the sky who threw the black box onto the ground was eagerly shouting,

“As long as you are in my gaze, you will have no breath!”

As everyone on the ground is losing air. An old man is seen walking in between the fallen breathless bodies, until he stands right under them. The man in the sky, through the black box, looked at the other two and thought to himself, “Who can this man be?” They then shout,

“Where is she? We know she came to this puny planet last! Bring her to us!”

Not fully understanding the three in the sky, the old man on the ground simply did not reply to them. As time was passing on. Silence arose. The three men were growing agitated. They shouted out,

“I’m not quite sure how you are still walking let alone breathing, but you too shall drop like a fly”.

The man who threw the black box. A tall, lanky, lean-cut man. With white gray hair, was telling his two companions,

“I’ll deal with it”,

and descended to the ground right in front of the old man. The old man and the mysterious evil man are face-to-face. The mysterious man verbalizes,

“ Ha! I would ask your name, but I don’t think apes have names, do they?!“.

The old man kindly smiles at the man. Instantaneously. The mysterious man throws a punch that somehow misses the old man, who was just standing still in front of him. Even more surprising, the man isn’t in front of him anymore. The mysterious man finds himself in awe. Thinking to himself how a tiny insect could escape my death touch. Amused by this old man, he faces the old man. He takes his top garment off, then shouted,

“I am Lord Jack, Commander of Nothingness. Anything I claim gets the life drained out of them. Until they become nothing. And monkeys that could fight earn my respect and entertainment. Now what is your name?”

Before the old man was even able to get a word out. The being who was calling himself Lord Jack, throws a punch so fast he can catch lightning with ease. Besides the unbelievable speed of Lord Jack. What made this encounter even more special is that the old man evaded the striking punch. As all spectators were in awe. Including Lord Jack. The old man musters up some words and professes,

“ So it looks like the time is finally here. Considering that is why I see 3 beings different from those of this planet.”

Lord Jack finds the old man’s words enraging, as if he were the pure embodiment of disrespect. Once Lord Jack heard the geezers words, his face grew tremendously red like a tomato.

“Do you take me lightly?”,

said Lord Jack just before he attacked the old man with all his might. The minutes go by and the old man is still dodging all of his attacks. Lord Jack was growing very impatient. He was getting embarrassed that he was going through all this struggle. Just to eradicate a small fry in front of the other two who came with him. Although Jack was putting in a maximum effort, the old man made it seem as though he was toying with Jack. No matter how much faster or sharper his attacks became, he was seemingly still unable to land a punch on the old man. Moving at the speed of light. Each second throughout the whole battle seemed balanced, until the tipping point. While the two men are watching Lord Jack and the old man fight. One being grows direly bored and disappointed. With this boredom in mind he thought to himself,”

“ I have never seen Lord Jack have such a hard time. I should go finish off that old man for him.“

As that man descended on to the ground, he yelled,

“Jack, are you really struggling?”

At that moment Jack was enraged so much that he became as red as a pepper. He was starting to gain this nasty, dark red pigment and his personality begins to shift. He was going from a cold and pale expression with a playful attitude. To a focusing and tactical expressive state. Once Lord Jack’s pigment changed to a dark red, he began to reach back to touch his spine.

Now while Lord Jack is going through this sudden change. The old man feels the air pressure change. Making him ultimately realize that he will have to give it his all, if he wants to walk away with his life intact. The old man plants his feet firm into the ground like roots on a tree. Also like a tree when planted, the old man became immovable and strong. While the old man is assessing and trying to predict jacks next’s movements. The man descending to the ground yelled to Jack,

“Looks like you don’t need my motivation any longer, I’ll be going back next to Pansho hehehe.”

Jack looks at his companion that insults him. From the corner of his eyes and says,

“Embarrass me like that again and it’ll be you dying Jezu. Instead of this monkey in front of me.”

In the flash of an eye, the old man suddenly disappeared and all three were standing in dire confusion. The old man reappeared behind the two men in the sky. With a flying kick that sent them straight to the ground. Rubble and dust clouds obscured the area where the 2 beings were kicked down. With the dust cloud obscuring the old man’s view. He thought to himself,

“There’s no way they can get up after that, now I can focus on just Jack alone now”.

He was relieved that he took out the other two early. The old man turns towards Jack assuming he will be raging out of control. But he was sitting on the floor patiently waiting as if he believes the other 2 will get back up from the ground. As the old man was nearly about to strike Jack, he begins to hear rubble fall from a distance behind him. The old man then hears 2 light footsteps walking towards him. Then he suddenly hears Lord Jack laugh from the top of his lungs uncontrollably. In between his laughing he was saying,

“Hey monkey, you aren’t bad but did you think you can kill those 2 with that measly attack? Muaahaaaha!”

Then continued to laugh. Until it had dawned on Lord Jack that he should devour this little monkey before the other 2 could. Jack instantaneously went from a bizarre laughter to attacking the old man. Jack was moving so fast, he left an after image of His initial movements for a second or two.

Jack was moving so fast the old man couldn’t react. He was distracted from the after images. Jack was able to land a clean hit on his chest that sent treading through dirt. The old man immediately stood back up. Although, he stood back up. This time, he was visibly hurt, as he was coughing up blood. His mind was concerned about all the blood pouring out of his mouth. And nose. The old man had realized too late that he was on one knee. Holding his mouth and nose to stop the leaking for too long.

He looked up to see what the battlefield was looking like. He begins to feel a sense of relief. When he looks up there is no one in sight. And so the old man takes a deep breath to gather himself. While the old man is taking that deep sigh of relief all he heard was,

“Tuh! Who said you could breath?”

When the old man hears those words, he turns around with his heart in his hand. While he is turning around, he saw all 3 beings towering over his body. Lord Jack was standing all the way to the left with the look of eagerness. Waiting to fight to the death. Jezu was standing in the middle with a malicious smile on his face. And Pansho was all the way to the right, viciously laughing at the old man’s efforts. The 3 beings stood there without movement and were asking the old man

“Where is she ?”

Before the old man was able to get a word out. Jezu and Pansho each grab an arm. Then they start twisting and pulling on them as if they were competing to see who will rip off his arm first. Then Jack calmly voices,

“Just tell us where she is and you can keep your arms.”

“What do you want with her?”

the old man mutters. Jack looks at both Jezu and Pansho responds with,

“I am so happy you know who we’re talking about. But that’s not the answer we are looking for.”

He then snaps his fingers and both Jezu and Pansho begins tugging at his arms once again. This time around Pansho and Jezu were not holding back. They were beginning to truly twist and break the old man’s arms off. As if they were competing. But what makes this torture even more gruesome, is that they actually were competing. It wasn’t just a thought. Jezu and Pansho were playing tug of war with the old man’s arms. Lord Jack decided to join in on the fun. He started tap kicking the old man’s stomach and screaming humorously,

“Wake up, are we boring?!“

At that moment the old man knew he was going to cease to exist very soon. The thought of death brought back a memory he long forgotten about.

Right before the maiden deity went in her slumber. She had complimented the Morphed 4 individually. And this old man remembers the deity saying to him with a soft and motherly voice,

“You are immovable. But yet flow in every direction. Refreshing like a tree. You reach and extend to others the connection and fruits that life has given.”

As the old man is getting beat to death. His life is flashing before his eyes. Something majestical occurs. The old man’s right arm starts to become a tree branch. Extending out and wide and his legs begin to become rooted to the ground, like a strong tree. His right hand transforms into a tree branch so fast. It took Jezu completely by surprise. And he connects the roots to Jezu’s left side and became entrapped.

Since Jack was so close to the old man. His legs immediately became entangled with the strong roots coming from the old man. Causing him to ultimately be entrapped as well. As Pansho sees this, he realizes he must take action immediately. He pulls out a spear made out of light then attempts to slash through the branch that was holding Jezu. With his first slash having a direct hit. Pansho was feeling certain he had sliced through. But when he was turning around to look at all he dealt. It was a little imprint on the branch. In a state of disorder and full of rage as to why his power had no effect on the old man. He began rampaging and started to attack the branch in all directions. Even attacking the old man head on, but no damage was inflicted.

The old man’s body was becoming a part of nature. His life force was being transferred into the roots and cells of this evergreen. All the old man could do was watch and fade away as his life is rooted to the land. He fades away. The roots that had entangled Jack, started to drag him in. Closer to the old man’s body to become one and they did! Still struggling to get Jezu out. Pansho suddenly detects a disappearance in air pressure. He pauses from trying to get Jezu out and looks at where Jack is. But does not make much out of what he’s looking at until he starts seeing these thick odd roots. Following the root trial, he sees Jack has become part of the tree too!

Furious that to lose a companion. He decides that this is do or die. With all his cosmic might, he attacked the tree branch. But this time around he succeeds and frees Jezu from entrapment. Before celebrating or being relieved Pansho regretfully utters,

“I’m sorry Jezu, I will never forgive him“

While Pansho is declaring these words. Jezu is grabbing his whole left side that is now missing his whole arm. Screaming with agony and cursing the old man even after his death.

”Let’s retreat.”

Jezu vengefully declares. Pansho retorts with,

“How can we? We have no strength to open the exit.”

They then initiate a search of a landscape and quickly locate a forest near the area. They start to retreat into the forest. They begin to detect all the people who ran away when they first arrived, swarming back like flies. But the 2 beings were too tired to deal with them and retreated with even more speed. The people running towards the battlefield see this tree, mysteriously sprouted there. But few saw, and were curious, as to what those beings were doing in the forest.

5 months later.

Two large flaming tornadoes appeared. Circling around the largest wind tree in all of the land for about half a day. Until they suddenly strike the wind tree and became one humongous flame. The flame burns bright for another whole day. Until it suddenly begins to viciously pour thunder on a bright and sunny day. Then, as the thunder was slowly going away, the large tree began to creak and croak as if it was about to snap or split. Through the creaks and croaks the tree is making. The sunshine begins to be overtaken by a boundless murky cloud that hovers over the large tree. And it erupts with the largest thunderclap. It was roaring loudly and was shining brightly. Onlookers were covering their eyes and ears.

While everyone was realizing that the sound has come to an end. Their eyes were grasping what their ears had just finished hearing. They were in a shell shock from what they were witnessing at that moment. They were looking at the large tree split in half. In the middle of the freshly split tree was a floating, sleeping, young woman. Emitting the brightest ray of light. After the tree split, the light from the floating sleeping woman shot straight up. It was dividing the jet black, endless thunderclouds. All the witnesses were running to the scene like hopeless ants. Worshiping and praising the floating woman with their hands up and heads down. After hours and hours of tear-shed and screams. The people saw the woman’s arm twitch and began going completely insane. Some thought they were being controlled or possessed. They were beginning to act out all their malicious intents and fantasies. Others were dancing as if they were in a trance or just behaving lucidly.

A few moments after the floating woman awoke. She was looking at the crowds of people but did not understand why. Out of pure and utter confusion, the floating woman flew up and away into the sunlight. Out of everyone’s sight. Flying away into the sky, the woman begins looking around. She sees herself surrounded by abundant and new colorful wildlife and scenery. She is pondering on where to go or how this was all happening. To the land where she previously was before she took her quick slumber.

A memory of the maiden saying,

“Cultivate these lands into a beautiful oasis!”

to the Morphed 4 before her slumber. Remembering those events brings the maiden from an irritated and confused state. To being in awe of the Morphed 4’s progress. The maiden tries to sense the Morphed 4’s energy, but she wasn’t able to locate there energy anywhere. After several attempts but no luck at all. The maiden begins to think her body is still tired and needs a little bit of time to gather all her energy back. She then found the clearest uninhabited seacoast and took refuge there.

A few hours later, the maiden wakes and starts walking down the beach line. As she was walking down the beach line. She was getting fascinated with each and every pebble. Leaf. And animal. And as she came to the middle of the beach, two people mysteriously appeared in front of the maiden. Before even glancing into their eyes. The maiden knew these were two of the Morphed 4. She subtly said, “My, look at how much you’ve grown since my quick slumber. Why aren’t all 4 of you together?“. As the maiden finished saying this. The two were looking at the maiden. They began explaining to her that nothing is the same from how she had left it. Including the Morphed 4.

It was shocking, hearing the recent news. The maiden asks the two,

“How could that have happened?”

So one of the men. Known as Dos was stepping up and said,

“Take a seat my lady. What I will tell you may be hard to take in. Once you were far gone into your state of tranquility. We all began to follow your will. We began with the land surrounding where the maiden was resting. We cultivated it from some barren lands into a small meadow.”

The surroundings were tremendous trees of all shapes and colors, after the Morphed 4 surrounded the meadow with many trees from all sides for miles and miles to come. While creating all these marvelous, large trees of all shapes colors, they were also beginning to gain their own opinions. These opinions all seemed great to the Morphed 4. That is, until they all started sharing their opinions with each other out loud. After creating trees as far as the eye can see. The Morphed 4 took a break all together. That is when the division got going.

Juan and Phor were intent to stay with the maiden until she awoke. But Dos and Tre had other plans in mind. Dos and Tre had an interest in ruling over all the lands and their people. When Dos and Tre started to voice out their plans. Juan and Phor didn’t really mind much. Their lack of excitement, excited Dos and Tre even more. While Dos and Tre were eagerly blurting their plans. Juan overheard something that didn’t sit right with his core being. He became disgusted. And so, Juan told Dos and Tre to repeat that last bit over one more time, and so they did.

When Juan hears all the plans more clearly, he starts to become disgusted. Which confuses Dos and Tre tremendously. They ask what is wrong with ruling over the weak mercilessly, if you’re the one giving them all their blessings. At that moment, Juan looks at both of them. Then shouts,

“You want to control and rule over the weak?! That’s too cruel! Truly awful! What makes it worse, is you happily want to dominate over those who never even had the will or strength to oppose you!”

After Juan finished saying those words, Dos and Tres immediately took offense. Dos started saying,

“What are you trying to say? That you are going to put us down?”

Dos was standing face to face with Juan and aggresively yelled,

“Do something now then!”

Before anyone could get a word out, Juan and Dos were immediately slugging it out. It was as if they were truly enemies. Luckily, Phor was stepping in to stop the nonsense, but it was already too late. Tre, who didn’t like violence, was already running off in one direction. Dos fumingly, was screaming.

“From now on, we are each on our own. But if I see any of you again, you’ll get swatted like a fly!”

‘Then, he ran off in a different direction and we haven’t seen all 4 together ever since.'”

Once the maiden heard that story, she was deeply saddened but yet so moved and inspired to reunite the Morphed 4. So the maiden suggested that it is only right to begin the reunion by going to where Dos was last seen.

The expedition begins by traveling towards the last known sighting of Dos. Throughout this adventure. The maiden experiences all of of the beautiful colors and creatures in this land cultivated by the Morphed 4. The maiden was in awe. While enjoying the journey and its beautiful scenery, the trip comes to a halt. The road to Dos’ territory is obscured by trees for miles and miles, just like where the maiden was found resting.

Instead of this area being beautiful and lively like the maidens’ resting area. This place was gloomy and mysterious. The trees were also slim, extremely fragile and half the size of any normal looking tree. The expedition is confused about how all these lifeless tree’s grew so effortlessly and were surrounding the lands. The deeper they traveled into these rugged lands. Eventually they came across this humongous, peculiarly, shaped tree. This odd tree was calling out to them. But the energy was so ominous, no one was willing to get close to this tree.

Curious as to why this tree seemed as though it was calling out to them, they began scanning and circling the tree. While they were circling around the tree, they notice something that stood out to everyone, on this tree. That was that this tree has 2 faces engraved on it.

Juan and Phor are staring at one of the faces on the tree and feel this odd connection to the face. They both place their hand on the loudest face that was calling out to them. Immediately, they have a surge of energy flowing through them. With that surge of energy, all of the memories of Dos was transferred into them. They suddenly begin to cry hysterically. Seeing that both Phor and Juan were crying hysterically, the maiden voices softly,

“Why are your hearts filled with such sorrow now?”

Still crying, both Phor and Juan utter, “This face here is Dos.”

After hearing that, the maiden runs to the face and feels it. She also senses the surge of energy from Dos’ memories. Instead of feeling sadness and sympathy, the maiden begins to show urgency. Before the Morphed 4 could even mourn, the maiden grabs them and whispers urgently,

“We need to go now!”

Phor replies to the maiden and shouts,

“Why would we leave Dos alone again?!”

Then the maiden replies with assertiveness,

“The 3 beings that you just saw from Dos’ memories, were the 3 guardians of the universe since the beginning of time. We are no match.”

Both Phor and Juan give in to the maidens reasoning. As they are clearing their tears, the ground begins to shake slightly. At that moment. Phor and Juan see clearly that standing right in front of their face, were 2 of the 3 beings. Before Juan and Phor can say anything, one of the beings eagerly voice,

“Wow, wow, wow, what a lucky catch we got here.”




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