You are currently viewing The Untold Adventures Of The Colossal Giant and The Tiddly Dwarf – a short story created and produced by Jest Freeman
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The Untold Adventures Of The Colossal Giant and The Tiddly Dwarf – a short story created and produced by Jest Freeman

Long ago. Once upon a time. When the moon was blue and crickets could fly. There was a giant named Micro. Who only wanted to feel small.

Although. Micro was no doubt the mightiest giant of the giant clan. He would escape to the forest where no one could find him. Because he was as tall and as strong as the trees were.

Once he realized he had escaped everyone else in the village. He would lay down in the forest floor. And lay his head on top of a huge boulder.

And just look up at the sky. Pondering and wondering what it would be like to fly like the sky turtles. As micro was pondering about the world. And his dreams.

Many, many miles away there was a dwarf. Named Jumbo. Who lived outside of his dwarf village.

He was also thought of as the mightiest in his village. Even though jumbo loved being praised. As the villagers.

He hated being around them due to them being naively stuck on tradition. The tribe of dwarfs was very dependent on jumbo. Jumbo didn’t mind it at all. Until one day.

He was so overwhelmed with paperwork and inventions. That he snuck off into the forest by his village. Jumbo went deep into the forest.

No one could disturb him. so he sat on a tree that had fallen to the ground. He sat to ponder and wonder about his dreams.

Just like micro of the Giant clan was doing. A few minutes into pondering about his dream to be big. He got upset the more he thought about himself. and so one moment he was calm and the next he was stomping, punching and kicking the fallen tree.

Jumbo lost his breath during the outburst. At that very moment all jumbo heard was extremely loud but subtle ouuuuuuuch.

Not knowing what was happening. Jumbo jumped off the tree to see where could that noise come from. Although.he was frightened.

He gathered himself and said who’s there ? Show yourselves coward ? Are you hiding in fear of my mightiness?

At that very moment the ground was shaking and the trees were separating. As jumbo froze in shock. He watched as the ground rumbled. And the trees whispered.then all in one swoop micro arises from his daydream of him flying like a small bird.

Micro: Hahahahahahahahaha

Micro: Who dares disturb me

Micro looks around desperately with malice

Jumbo is so surprised and shocked to see that there was another race of humans that he is speechless.

Micro’s eyes finally lay sight on Jumbo.

Micro: Hehehehhehe it was only a cute little dog monkey.

Jumbo: Stupid tree I’m no mere monkey I am the mightiest of all dwarfs !!!

Micro: Mighty you say hehehehe let’s see how mighty you are after I stomp you !!

Jumbo : Hmph try it and see !!!.

………………TO BE CONTINUED…………………….

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