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The First Key Part 2.2

At that moment. Kane heard a familiar man’s deep voice’s laughter. The person finally stopped laughing and said “When have you been so deceitful?”. Kane, still immobile from the pain, shouted, “Who’s there?! Who are you?! Don’t get any closer!”. The man responded again in laughter. But this time the laugh was closer. So close, if Kane reached his hand out, he could touch the man. When the voice got extremely close. Kane tried opening his eyes to look up. All he could muster, was the strength to barely open his eyes. Once he did, his vision was blurred and over brightened.

Kane struggled to see clearly. The deep voice stopped laughing and said “How could you not know the voice of your own only living flesh and blood?”. “Is it really you brother?” Kane posed. “Yes it is I, Able. But what has become of you, Kane? You’ve been gone for almost 2 days, and now I find you in this disgraceful state. Look at you, submerged in blood from eating up that poor little Phoenix. Have you no shame that you choose violence?! We are the purest of all these lands we walk on. Look at you. Groveling on the floor covered in innocent blood. You’re disgusting. If we didn’t share the same blood, I would leave you here forever. Get yourself together. Clean up. Meet me at the village. I’m going to tell the others what has become of you. Kane.”

As Able was walking away from Kane. Something inside Kane just clicked. The voice that was in his head previously. Came back whispering you are able. The voice kept repeating itself and increasing in volume. At one point. It was shouting so loud that his head began to throb intensely. Then he screamed out, “You know what Able?! What does us being flesh and blood, have to do with purity, dignity, or even violence?! You know why I’m drenched in the blood of what you call innocent? BECAUSE I AM, ABLE!!! No one else was able and no one else will be able, only I am Able!!”

As he began to maniacally laugh. He put on that huge distorted smile on his face. Kane slowly but surely started to stand and walk towards Able. Who was paying him no mind. As he walked towards Able. The voice in his head fleetingly died down. Suddenly. Kane noticed that his foot that had been deeply cut previously. Was miraculously healed. In fact, the same foot that he had cut was now stronger and better than ever. Once Kane noticed his foot felt different, he leapt to Able, who was still walking away, oblivious to him.

In the blink of an eye, he was soaring in the sky. Kane caught himself off guard. He was not expecting to get so high up so fast. He flew past Able and landed right in front of him. Able gasped at this and dropped to the floor in fear and muttered to him, “What are you?”. “I’m not sure”, Kane responded, “but what I do know is that now anything and everything, I am capable, only I, brother!”.

In that instant. Kane exerted an energy so hot that it turned the hard, dirt floor into mud. It killed all plant life near him. And a heat wave was emitted so powerful, it created mirages. As Kane walked towards Able. The heat wave was so powerful that Able imaged around half a dozen people walking towards him. In the mirage, Able saw himself alongside Kane, his brother, and his mom and dad. “How are you doing this?” Able uttered. Kane maniacally laughed and declared, “There are wonders this world has yet to show. I gobbled up a baby blue coat Phoenix and gained the ability to fly. And now, this heat power. Only I am able. No one else has been able to do what I am able to do because I am the only one! The chosen one! I am, Able !! Hahahaha.” Kane continued to choke up in laughter for a lengthy minute.

Until he was abruptly interrupted by Able voicing, “But you are not Able, brother, you are Kane, and I am Able.” At that moment, the voice in Kane’s head exploded with anger, viciously screaming “You are Able!”. Kane couldn’t take all the screaming in his head and began to punch himself and slam his head on the floor. Able was seeing Kane going through agony and dismay. So he stood up and walked towards him and asked, “Brother, are you alright?”

In an instant. The voice in Kane’s head went from screaming “you are able” to screaming “kill Able, kill Able”. The voice put Kane in a trance, and he lost consciousness. The voice brought out all of the rage within Kane’s heart. He succumbed to his anger. In one fell swoop, Kane channeled all of the heat into one fist and threw a punch at Able.

In the blink of an eye. He comes to and realizes that everything around him. And where Able was. Was being dissolved and liquified. With all the heat and made it seem like the floor, rocks and trees. Everything in the vicinity, appeared as though it was all melting away. All you could see was steam emitting from the floor.

Kane looks around trying to see all through the steam. Hoping to -locate his brother. But all he found was a pile of dust in front of him and in his palm. Kane was desperately looking for Able through the smoke & steam. He thought Able got away. And he began to throw a fit and pound the floor with his fists, legs and head, etc. Anything to get the frustration out.

His tantrum went on. As he was punching the ground in front of him, Kane notices something that sparks motivation and a plan. Kane saw a strip of cloth within the pile of dirt. One look at the cloth and he was more than certain that this piece of cloth belonged to Able. Kane was so fixated on his brother Able, that he had not realized what he had done.

He began to think of how he could capture Able, who had somehow just escaped. As he was thinking about his next move, he got up smiling. And said I’ll devour everyone in the village until my brother shows his face. So, he began to walk towards the direction of the village.

He took his usual route back to the village. The voice in his head began to violently scream, “Where are you going?! Can’t you remember what you just did?!?! Hahahaha. YOU ARE ABLE, now at last.”

Kane’s head began to throb so viciously, he began to scream. He held his head and vomited. While he was vomiting out his guts, his head was still pounding. He went straight to the floor as he couldn’t take another step. He grabbed his head and stomach. Cradling like a baby. He started remembering things that he tried to shut out. Immediately after he remembered what had happened. Kane had this intense pain and sadness that began to grow inside.

He went through the agony. He took one large and deep inhaled breath. And felt the surge of heat and burning energy entering his body the longer he inhaled. He inhaled all the surrounding energy. It was being sucked out and poured into Kane’s body.

Right before he exhaled.

He had a thought of Able. He got infuriated. Kane clenched his fist. He gripped so tight and punched the ground so hard. He punched right through the ground. Straight through the Earth that caused a mass disaster and ripped the land into pieces. Kane thrust through the ground and fell deep into the Earth. The body of water that surrounded the one large piece of land began to rush in. It began to separate each piece of land swiftly. As the water was rushing in and separating these massive bodies of land. Kane was washed away in the cold and uncharted waters, that land nor Kane has never been seen since…

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