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In the Beginning

Once upon a time…

In a world where no one can imagine. Where most of the ground is just like a trampoline. Mountains made of condensed clouds. Animals of odd shapes, sizes and colors. A sea as clear as a crystal. Beside it, was the only body of land, on the planet. While this land was the only land on the planet. It was immensely massive, with mountains and forests that seemed even more colossal. Though having this one gigantic body of land on the whole planet. The land was so perplexing, extraordinary, and truly phenomenal. Just truly beautiful. The clouds are as pink as cotton and as sweet.

Like Earth, there was a hierarchy in things. Such as creatures surviving and living the same way us humans would. The top animals in this world are quite the opposite. There were animals and creatures similar to lions, bears, tigers, wolves, camels, etc. The difference. Was that these animals were walking and communicating as the people on Earth do. The kingdom in this world had an exquisite way of life. Everywhere else in the universe there were Alphas and Omegas. Regular humans, like the ones from Earth, are the omegas of this society.

In this world, where the animal kingdom was in such chaos. Due to the 5 founders of the kingdom suddenly disappearing. There was a fight of dominance that lasted about 3 years. This determined that humans were amongst the weakest of all…

Humans were no primal threat to any species of any kind for many reasons. Every other animal had tougher skin due to the climate and environment. Humans were divided. Everyone knows no other animal can articulate things like a human mind. Not even Dolphpeople. Once humans come together, they express themselves better than the other animals.

One human named Baxter Mantiben. Carved his name into history as one of the most extraordinary minds of all humans. Ever. It was said that Baxter was born about 5 months prematurely. Yet no one could ever tell. Because Baxter was well nurtured and looked like a completely healthy newborn. While the humans hid and quivered in fear of the world in all types of caves and a few isolated villages. At 1 years old, Baxter began to ask about what was outside the cave he was born in. He would see the hunters and gatherers leaving and coming, but no one else.

It is said that he was so intelligent he became a gatherer at just 4 years old. In his first mission, he ran away from the cave. A few weeks into his adventure. He spotted a sea coast. He thought of jumping in from tirelessly wandering. And of eating berries, nuts and sleeping alongside tree trunks. But while running towards the sea, he encountered a few Pufferfishpeople.

Never seeing anything but humans. Baxter eagerly approached them. As he was approaching them, one Pufferfishman noticed him from the corner of his eye. Then immediately, swells and puffs up. The other Pufferfishmen looked at their companion and said,

“What happened?”

At that very moment, Baxter said,


When they all saw Baxter, they all had the same reaction as the first Pufferfishman. They swelled and puffed up as well. As the Pufferfishmen were puffed up in distraught. Baxter approached them very close. Baxter is so excited to see someone not human for the first time. One Pufferfishman spouts,

“What are you?”

A further Pufferfishman says,

“ I believe he’s a hairless monkey with pants”,

and some other Pufferfishman shouts,

“Whatever it is, it looks disgusting.”

As this chatter was happening right in front of Baxter. Baxter shouted as hard as he could and said,

“Stop. Let me answer the question. I’m human, what are you?”.

As the Pufferfish regained their normal unpuffed size. One of them looked over to Baxter and began to get really close to the boys face. As the Pufferfish stared at the boy’s face intensely and replied,

“What are we !?!”.

With a vicious deviant smile on his face. He gently put his hands over Baxter’s shoulders. He was about to answer his own rhetorical question. Then hollered,

“We are the Pufferfishmen!!”

Instantaneously, he launched Baxter 40 meters in the air and 60 meters away. Baxter came down on one of the bouncier parts of the land. Due to it still being textured roughly, when he landed, he passed out on impact. The Pufferfishmen didn’t believe he would survive, so they left him to rot without checking on him. When Baxter awoke, he noticed an immense amount of pain in his left arm. He turned his head to look at his arm. As soon as he saw his arm, he saw his bone coming out of his forearm. The pain began to set in. He began to break down and cry.

As he was crying, something dawned on him. He evaluated his surroundings and started to figure out that he was in a cave somehow. H was trying to deal with the pain and trying his hardest to remember and figure out many things. Baxter just began to contemplate why the Pufferfishmen mistreated him. And how he ended up in this cave. Baxter was racking his brain thinking the pain from his broken arm had started to become so unbearable. To the point that Baxter started to become unconscious. As his eyes were closing slowly from losing consciousness, he saw a white blur around him and poking him.

When Baxter regained consciousness. He had felt well rested and somehow his arm was oddly wrapped up and immovable. Baxter was curiously moving his arm to look at this new contraption. He then suddenly heard large sounding booms. One after another. After a short time, he then heard,

“I wouldn’t move that arm if I was you”.

Baxter hesitated, raising his head in sheer terror. He noticed two huge Polarbearmen standing to his right. A giant white Monkeyman and a white Lionman to his left. Baxter aligned his vision toward the center. Right in front of him, he realized the monstrous, overwhelming, black Elephantman. Baxter beheld everyone in the cave in awe. The Elephantman expressed,

“We haven’t distinguished your essence here in an extensive amount of time. With that being said, the facts remain that we fixed your arm up and took you in”.

The Elephantman then took a king pause…. He then continued and uttered,

“With that being professed , are you an asset that will be valuable or easily disposed of ?”

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