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The First Key Part 2.1

Every once in life, a redeemed soul seems to find its way back to the realm of living and reincarnates. On this earth. There are things the mind can explain and there are things that the eyes can’t. Phantoms. Demons. Angels. Cyclops. Werewolves. Anything and everything we all joke about and see in movies and shows. Were all real. They all roamed the earth at the beginning of Time. Every species was living harmoniously on Earth together. That was until humans had an internal disagreement….

One day.

A young man was out scavenging and gathering herbs of all kinds for his village. He was almost finished with gathering the herbs. As he was getting ready to walk back home. He spotted two creatures that towered over any living animal we have walking our land today. But only when fully grown. The two creatures the young man saw were very young, very small, green and crystal like spiky rocks all over. A dragon. Alongside. A recently hatched, bright blue feather coated, with a gray and an oval shaped beak, called a Phoenix. When the young man named Kane spotted the two creatures face to face for the first time. A deep, intense urge to devour them to the bone possessed him. He was trying his hardest to get a hold of himself. But nothing could stop this urge growing inside him.


At the time.

There were no indications of humans being violent, let alone eating other species. But Kane slowly backed away. He caught himself stuck. Mesmerized. Drooling over these creatures. He was slowly backing up one step at a time. Attempting to regain control of himself. To control this newly found sensation that he had never experienced before. As he was almost away from the spot where he had originally located the young dragon and baby phoenix. He began to pick up his pace. Then suddenly began running home to get away from these newly found feelings.

Running back home. His mind was distracted. Thinking about what different creatures’ flesh might taste like. Maybe different color creatures will taste better than others. As Kane was in a deep state of thought while running. He stumbled on a rock and cut his foot profoundly. Weirdly, Kane did not shout in pain or agony. Instead. He intently stared at his wound with the look of content, joy and pleasure, as it would not stop bleeding.

As he was staring at his cut. Watching his blood spill. It dawned on him that this was the first time in his uneventful life that he’s ever felt excitement. Avidity. Ecstasy. In that moment of self realization. Kane picked up the rock that cut his foot open and just started walking. Instead of crying and wallowing. He just walked away with no reaction whatsoever. While Kane was walking away from where he injured himself. He started to feel very relieved. He kept walking. His smile widened with every step. When he stepped, blood leaked out of his foot abnormally, as though he had cut off a vital vein. As he was losing control of his mind, due to the blood loss. His body suddenly came to a complete halt. As his body stopped moving his mind realizes that he’s completely stopped moving.

He stops. He then looks around. He found himself where he spotted the young dragon and baby phoenix. After seeing where he was, Kane started to lose his mind once more. Unfortunately for him. The young dragon and baby phoenix weren’t there. But that didn’t faze Kane one bit. The only words going through his mind. “You are able“. Intensely repeated. Hundreds of times over and over again in his head. While he was just standing still. Something clicked in his head that he needed to focus on where the two creatures ran off to.


Kane walks up directly to where he spotted the two creatures playing with each other. He then crouches on the ground and begins to feel around the ground. ”Hmph” he grunted. “Still warm”, he says to himself as he puts on a very large, bleak smile. He smiled so wide from ear to ear while he focused. Scanning the ground for clues and cues as to what direction they might have headed towards.

While he’s intently searching. He begins to feel light-headed and unbalanced. Before he realizes, his head hit the floor and blacked out. As Kane laid there. Passed out. The sun set & rose. Yet he still hadn’t woken. The sun was at its peak when Kane awoke to the sensation of his legs being gently moistened. Still light-headed from the blood loss. He tried to open his eyes but saw nothing but a complete blur. Struggling to keep his eyes open from the bright sunlight. He begins to squint with one eye. Then he looked at his leg and there he saw the baby phoenix licking, what looked like his open wound. He was shocked that it came back, let alone licking him. He sat straight up in one swift motion. Excited that the baby phoenix was by his side. He couldn’t sit still.

He began happily celebrating. Shouting. Clapping. Smacking the ground, trying to exert that excitement. The phoenix stared intently and was fascinated by his odd behavior. Once he finally contained himself. He began to slowly but gently pet the phoenix. Petting the phoenix, he starts to scan all over the areas with his eyes. Looking at a distance, far away around the trees, rocks and bushes. He sees nothing besides him and the baby phoenix around. He takes in that no one is around to notice him.

His smile began to show. It first started as a happy delightful moment. His smile gradually became distorted and warped. Even his petting became heavier. As the petting gradually became heavier. Kane brought the Phoenix closer. Little by little. To the point where the Phoenix went from licking his wound on his ankle. To licking his face. Kane turned around to scope out the area once more.

Before he had even fully turned back around. He placed his hand on the Phoenix’s head and grabbed its’ feathers. So hard it couldn’t escape from his grasp. As he was turning back to face the Phoenix. He could not hold back these urges anymore with sheer will.

One quick and impulsive move later, and he bit into the neck of the phoenix. Next thing he knows, he has the neck of the phoenix. Filled with joy and adrenaline. He devoured the phoenix limb by limb until all that was left was its feet and beak. Shortly after he monstrously gobbled up the phoenix. He suddenly felt a surge of heat flow through his body. So hot, that he started screaming and scratching all over with agony. As he is screaming with pure pain. Someone appears in the distance and yells “What have you done?!“.


Unable to move from all the anguish he was going through. He wasn’t able to look and see who it might be. So he yells back “You don’t know what happened, I was attacked“. The person laughed from a distance. At that moment. Kane heard a familiar man’s deep voice’s laughter…


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