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Refreshing my website and work ethic

Today I share with you some news that may seem obvious to many, but it is not the case for my new visitors. It is about the renovation of the website.

I can’t believe I’ve been with the same design since its launch, some 18 months ago. Time went by in a flash and it has been a school for me. A time during which the adventure of launching my own business to the world became my truth, my day-to-day. One in which I do not stop working and has been changing – fortunately for the better – so that first web design no longer had a place.

I am aware that the visual aspect had to be changed. And although this whole process has always been carried out on a tight budget, the plan for an overall image refresh at the beginning of 2022 became the priority. And today, the reality.

Let’s talk about the changes on my website

I am blessed to have wonderful people around me offering honesty and quality in every service or advice they give me. My closest advisor agreed with me about this renovation. After discussing ideas, we decided to make some new landing pages and redefine existing pages such as the home page and about me. This way, the existing content that my assistant has helped me create would have a better place.

But these twists don’t just affect what we already had. They also improve our vision for the future.

What to expect from

This new image is a great achievement for me that brings with it the best encouragement to move forward and strive to offer you the best of me every day. A new website brings out a new mentality within me. I keep my essence of trying new things, no matter if this implies a possible failure. For me, the important thing is what I can learn or achieve if I try. As well as being able to repeat the recipe for success as soon as I have it.

The next step is to define my audience properly. This way, I will be able to deliver effective blogs and content that are well-targeted, consumed, and enjoyed. I am still in the process of change, but with a focus on the future. I find myself attending seminars, updating myself, reading. Working on my patience and understanding how this environment works so I can provide the best to my community.

Honestly, I am quite impressed by the website and I do hope you are too. I like knowing that I can count on you every step of the way. So, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions for me, feel free to leave them in the section below.

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