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Living with Parents

I currently find myself living with my parents once again but this time is different. I am living with them of my own volition as it was a good option to further my future. I had lived with them from 18-23 because I was unable to live on my own.

During that time I was trying to make my way through college. While also working a grocery store job at minimum wage. A lot of young adults 18-26 and some even older find themselves living with their parents today. In fact, research has found 52% are living with their parents.

In the 21st century which is way more than a few years ago. For those of you currently living with your parents or guardians. Do not waste the advantage you have that will not be forever. In this post I will cover the reasons why that number is so high. Also the benefits and disadvantages of staying with your parents.

Why are more young adults living with their parents?

There are more young adults living with their parents now than 10 to 20  years ago. Mostly due to the financial climate we are currently in. The cost of basic necessities that a generation before us would be able to afford. Straight out of college such as a car note, an apt/house, or consumer and student debt.

The money that young adults can make coming out of college. Varies depending on what career path they pursue not to mention if you don’t go to college or have no trade skill. The economic ladder is harder to climb than ever. While prices are increasing all around us the equal pay increase is nowhere to be seen.

Trust me I’ve looked. 

Covid has done nothing but intensify the situation. Young adults moving back in with their parents and grandparents.  One factor that contributes is the lack of marriage of young adults. Based on reports from Pew Research 1 in 4 young adults will not marry. With the median age of marriage now being up from 20 to 27 for females and from 23 to 29 for males.

This leaves us with the big difference of not having two-income households at an early age. Which provides the problem of having to live and thrive on a single income. Much  longer than the preceding generations. Now the family household has become more of a financial refuge than it has ever before!


The common stereotypes of living with your parents have never been the nicest. To prove the point, think of a few stereotypes that come off the top of your head and you will understand. Most likely the first one you thought of was a young lazy freeloader with no intention of leaving. If not, then I guess we both found out I can’t predict your thoughts.

The one thing we can both agree on is that the stereotypes have not been too friendly to me or any other young adult. First I can take a good shot in the dark. If you asked the majority of the young adults living with their parents.  If they would like to live on their own and provide for themselves, you will hear a resounding yes!

The truth is anything but young adults being lazy. A population report ran by the United State Census Bureau says that 3 in 4 young adults (2012 to 2016). Are either employed or enrolled in college. This shows that it’s not that young adults are not working.

The same amount of work that would have provided a livable wage a few generations ago. No longer equates or stretches that far. Within the current financial landscape that only has prices rising.


Being able to live with your parents may not be a young adult’s first choice. What cannot be denied is the benefit of having a safe place to return to. Plus having parents who are willing to allow their grown child to move back in with them.

Living with your parents can provide a multitude of financial benefits. For example, even if they charge you some cost to live with them, it will be nowhere near living on your own. This also allows you an opportunity to help around the house. In ways you would not have been able to as a child or dependent.

Whether that be in a physical or financial sense your presence can be a benefit to your family. With today’s economy that only knows inflation and how to cost more to the consumer.

One can argue it makes more sense to stay with family until you have a need to move out that makes financial sense. Back in previous generations. Families stayed together until either the daughter was married off.

Or when the son started his own family. In eastern society, this is still more prevalent in today’s time more so than western society. The reason why I focus so much on the financial benefits is due to those being the most tangible.

The main goals if you stay with your parents, should be saving money. Or planning and working towards your goals that require more risks. In my experience. How can you not enjoy that home-cooked meal while still living at home?! For everybody with parents who can cook, y’all know what I’m talking about ;D


Now let’s be honest. There will be some immediate disadvantages. That will come to your mind when living back under your parents’ roof. Let me list the common ones that you will face being back in the home.

First, is privacy that will be hard to have completely. When living near your parents. The family dynamic will either make privacy a very problematic situation. Or an easy discussion on expectations.

Another big disadvantage is the social stigma of living with your parents. This will come in many forms. From a family member’s slight comments that you can’t take care of yourself. Your friends joke that you are still living with your parents.

Curfews, which makes sense, but may impede you if you like to go out or stay out late. Limitations on who and when you can have people over.  Or what activities that are able to be enjoyed. Will vary depending on the parents and the house rules established.

The one people may not consider is being treated like a child. By your parents whether it’s subconsciously or consciously. This can cause issues in subtle or obvious ways. You won’t notice you’re not having to handle a lot of the adult scenarios you would face if you were living on your own. Which means you’re losing out on gaining experiences. That you would otherwise have no choice but to face. To see some of the issues I’ve faced see my previous post.

For example, handling vehicle issues for you. Cooking and cleaning, and simple, if at all, budgeting. Not having to budget due to having low expenses. Living with your parents can lead to a lack of financial literacy. As there is no outside need forcing them to learn money management.

Be wary, that living with your parents does NOT become a crutch that will limit your growth as an adult. It is easy to not notice what you are lacking and unaware of until you move out or are forced to live on your own once more.


After going over the positives and negatives. Living with your parents or guardians is not always what is best for everyone. For some of us it is what we need in the position of life we are in. Whether that be college, job change, or taking financial risks.

For others we need our space or to go out and have the pressure of not relying on others to survive. I’ve had the luxury to experience both. Living on my own and having the drive and necessity to support myself. As well as living with my parents and having minimal bills.

Which allows me to take entrepreneurial risk. Pay off significant debt. Improve credit score. So if you are debating on living on your own or with a roommate. Or living with your parents. You will be able to start thinking about your options and what works for you.

I would love to hear feedback on your situation. Whether living with your parents or on your own. Would also love to hear from some parents’ perspectives as well!

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