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My next audiobook is a work in progress

Looks like good news keeps on raining in 2022. Hopefully, life will continue to smile at me so that I can bring unique, interesting, entertaining stories to you in a variety of formats, for all tastes and sizes. And between one and another, being able to deliver quality content to you. That is my goal.

That’s why today I want to tell you that my Spanish-speaking audience, my Dominican family, the pillar of my inspiration, will soon enjoy my latest book, Batey Descendiendo, as an audiobook.

Each book in the Batey series has a great vision and effort behind it. Batey Descending would be no exception. I had a specific perspective of what I wanted it to be. And while I was able to achieve it with the digital book, things got a bit confusing again when I decided to try for the audiobook.

You may remember that the first issue, Nico’s story, was recorded with my own voice for the Spanish version. At times I wondered whether or not I should repeat myself as the narrator or get someone else. But after getting into the story I understood that this time, since it was “Chilly’s story“, it would be best to have a strong and cold female voice to give life to this character.

Fortunately, I found a suitable voice actress and this piece is currently in progress and will be available to the public very soon.

Once the production of this fantastic sci-fi story is finished, a short sample will be released. If you guess who voices Chilly in the audiobook, you’ll win a free download code for the book! So, stay tuned for the upcoming postings!!! If you already have your guesses, share them in the comment section below.

And while we wait for the release of the second audiobook in Spanish, make sure to catch up on this story.

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