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The Batey Series #6 – Status of the Earth.

What was the main reason that aliens came to Earth? Well, this was because the Earth was devastated. As this is a post-Apocalyptic book; that means something must have happened to Earth. Correct? As we know, humans are Mother Nature’s biggest enemy. From corruption to self-greed, even taking resources that cannot be replenished.

Through constant use of resources and draining of the land, there would come a point where the Earth would no longer be sustainable. If you look at the world today, you can see what I mean. Climate change is happening. The polar caps are melting. Droughts are constantly occurring. Winters are longer and harsher. Summers are brutally scorching and droughts are occurring more frequently. The weather is going absolutely crazy as far as tsunamis, tornadoes, and hurricanes. And so when you add a significant amount of science fiction to this already human earth deficit, you can see the facts spread into a science fiction reality. Human beings are the cause of the destruction of the earth. We became terrible stewards of the place we had to rule and take care of.

What corrupted humans? I think it’s just human nature, honestly. biting more than you can chew, being greedy at heart. Or honestly, just wanting to live a comfortable life. Those at the bottom of the pyramid just want to survive and do everything in their power to do so, and those in the middle want to claw their way to the top and will stomp anyone to get there, whether it’s for a living
in a comfortable house or drive a comfortable car, even if it is at someone else’s expense and manufacture, deliver and care for that vehicle or lifestyle. Better believe that those at the tippy tippy top absolutely disregard human lives, the humans, and pretty much everything. The selfishness that was caused by humans allowed the Earth to essentially transpire to be destroyed by our own actions and selfishness.

Because of this, 80% of the Earth is no longer habitable. This would mean that only the top one to 5% of
humans are capable of inhabiting the Earth in the Batey series, and so you best believe that those
locations on Earth are the toughest places to get access to, and nobody else that is not in that realm of
power or money is capable of getting to those backgrounds.

When places are almost impossible to access, that would be normal access to water, medical care, and a safe place to live. Naturally, that would mean that anywhere else is an utterly difficult place to live. Organized society collapses when you don’t have a construction where the bottom supports the middle that supports the top, and eventually, the earth will no longer be a place where even those in power can live in that small area of the earth,
because the people below will not support them. And so when the foreigners came and offered refuge for those who had nowhere to go, no place to live, and no guarantees of where they would find their next meal would come from.

Who wouldn’t want to take that risk or that opportunity for potential salvation? Hmm.
If you were in a similar world with a similar situation, and had these opportunities with these tremendous
setbacks, what would you choose?

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