Unsure of consistency for these posts

Since I want more products available. I’d need to make sure how to schedule my posts. I jump around with topics too. My posts will be a variety of different topics. My time is limited. I’ll be looking at jotting down my ideas, thoughts, and feelings on the posts asap and probably edit them once I have more time. 🥵

With that said, I wonder if posting excerpts would be cool too.. From different book ideas 👀

But as always, if you’re interested in what book I have published already, be sure to check my page: Batey Ascending.

I’ll post what I have on my mind as frequently as I can. My mind always comes up with vivid ideas. Creativity flourishes in my mind. But compressing it and getting it in a human understanding language. 🙃 #tough

Having the confidence to be able to be consistent. Having the confidence to believe in myself. Having the confidence to believe in what I put out. And to express myself to what the world has the opportunity to see.

The more I post. The more I’ll be able to get acquainted with anyone who sees my website. and the more I’ll be able to continue to be encouraged to post. 👀

If you’d like consistency from my rabid mind please leave a comment below. Having a next topic to vent could get you a shout out. 🤪

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