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The Batey Series #4 – The Main Cast of the Story

This blog post will discuss who the Absolutes are. And what makes them unique and what they contribute to the story. If anyone has specific questions about any previous or future part of the stories, or if you have absolutely anything to ask about the development of the story, feel free to ask, because I might include it in the blog post series, or I might revamp it or revise it if you comment below.

Nico, and Chilly are the current main cast of this series. They are the chosen ones I have decided to reveal to everyone, so far. This is who is currently the main cast in the story, but it is set to change in the future. But that’s just a snippet of the upcoming books. For now, we shall discuss these characters just to give you a little bit more insight as the book did not provide as much as I’m going to do so now. I like to think of it as my version of the SBS that ODA has for One Piece.  

First up we have the main character, Nico. He is based on me. However, I did not try to gloss over him or make him a perfect human being, though. I simply based it on who I am as a gamer, as well as some of my personality traits that are slightly exaggerated and in a futuristic sci-fi environment. Such as having dreads, since I currently do have dreads as well, except I like the storyline dreadlocks better than my real-life dreadlocks. Also, we are both Dominican, energetic, and ready to speak our minds, and we don’t back down. We love to compete and we give it 100%. Even if we lose ’cause we try and try again. Nico is also Chilly’s biological brother. His favorite position to play in the Batey sport is forward, as he loves to score more than anything, especially in a fashionable and stylistic manner. 

Next, we have Chilly. Her name is given to her based on her stoic personality. She is a karate expert. She can even fight men who are above her size and ability. The karate school, she learned from enabled her to get stronger with people who are actually stronger than her, An effective counter to two bigger and stronger men than her. She was based on my real-life sister because me, and my sister used to play video games. My sister used to be able to fight really well and is one of the few people that was able to consistently beat me, before my growth spurt. As she is skilled and very eloquent, she is the individual that thinks that the aliens are out to get them and has a very conspirational mindset. She would love to start a revolution if she could. Her aim is to get the freedom of liberation of the human race from underneath the aliens. She does have a child, who was revealed in book two, Batey Descending

As mentioned at this point, these are the current main cast of the story. They are based on the first and second book, of the story. I look forward to writing the next blog post and giving you a preview of the supporting cast.

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Remain attentive for the next post in the series.

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