The Batey Series #5 – Supporting Cast

What would a story be without a supporting cast? In the Batey series, I want to focus on some of them. While others realize where the inspiration comes from and how I created them. Starting with Burn. And ending with the Stacks sisters.

It was hard to think of where I would get a supporting cast until I realized that I could use the people around me and modify their personalities a little bit and enhance some attributes and add some quirks to them. And so Arden was born. This character is based on my really smart nephew. Except that in the story Arden is essentially an orphan at a very young age. And he was adopted by a very intelligent and powerful individual on the ship. And alien scientists, so to speak. Due to this, he is capable of having a very high vocabulary, as well as putting together things that other individuals are unable to do, even at a young age. Some people are turned off by the fact that his vocabulary is very, very intellectual. And others find joy and pleasure in hearing words that are unfamiliar.

As for Arden, he likes to create items that others could actually use and would never have known they were capable of turning something ordinary into something extraordinary with a few tweaks. As of now, there is no connection that he is aware of in the story as to who his family is. He only knows who his adoptive father is. He now he is the chief scientist of the absolute. And he doesn’t play the sport. But he enhances what the players do.

The other main supporting cast of the story are the Stacks sisters. They were one of the easiest individuals to create in the story because I just simply had to think of who my sister’s closest friends were when she was in her early teens. And this is simply a reflection of what I saw as a child mixed up with futuristic construction.

Atey stacks. She is not mentioned as the one with wavy hair without a reason. She is the firstborn of the stacks. She takes on the responsibility of raising her sisters. And she thinks that she is the prettiest of the sisters. She is also one of the kindest people in this story. Unless she feels that she is being taken advantage of or that her place is being taken away from her. Then she shows the power of being the older sister.

Nasha Stacks. As is the curly-haired one. She is the middle child and the one with the most complex attitude. She likes to mingle wherever she goes. From extroverted and talkative individuals to introverted and quiet. She gets along with her two sisters. As well as everybody else. She is the one that others come to because she is aware of how they feel in every situation because she has an almost multiple personality mindset.

Lilac stacks. She is the youngest of the three, but also the tallest and physically strongest of the three. She listens to her two older sisters and does what they tell her cause she’s the youngest. She has kinky hair. And it does take a while for her to do her hair. he stands up for her sisters, even though she knows that they are wrong because that is how she was raised. 

These three siblings are focused on being the best versions of themselves at what they run into Chilly at school, they easily become her subordinates. And up on Gibraltar. They easily decided to also follow her into space. They even also set up a network of conspiracy because they don’t believe everything that they are told. So far, these are the supporting cast members of the story. Tune in for more. 

These three brothers are focused on being the best version of themselves, as they meet Chilly at school, they easily become his subordinates. And up in Gibraltar. They easily decided to follow her into space as well. They even set up a conspiracy network because they don’t believe everything they are told. So far, these are the supporting cast members of the story.

Tune in to know more.

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