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We have terrible habits: we take everything we have for granted, we settle for what we have, and we procrastinate on our best ideas, to the point that sometimes we don’t even try to make them come true. And the only true thing is that in life, one day we will no longer be in this world.

If you were told that tomorrow would be your last day alive, would you feel proud of what you have accomplished, or at least tried to accomplish? Or would you be surprised to realize that you have let the best years of your life go by to waste?

Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. Certainly, if you are accessing this information right now, it means you are fortunate enough to be here today. And this is your big chance to improve your path and take what you are doing to the next level.

Why Should I Start Today?

It’s not about rushing things up. Starting today does not mean that changes will appear in your life tomorrow, but certainly sooner than you expected before you started. You will notice huge progress, the beginning of a new era, which is possible thanks to your courageous decision. But what reasons would you have to get you started?

You are building a source of pride

Although some consider it a sin, in the right doses, pride is an effective remedy to increase your self-esteem, happiness, confidence, and consistency. You deserve to be recognized by yourself and others for the things you do.

With small but solid steps you will be shaping your dream. And achieving difficult things gives us a sense of accomplishment that leaves us wanting to go for more. Pride nourishes the entrepreneurial spirit.

You will get better every day

There is a popular saying that goes as follows:

You don’t have to wait to be the best to start, you have to start in order to be better.

It’s absolutely true. No one starts out doing everything right, knowing everything they need to. And in fact, no company, project, or idea is ever as perfect as it can be. No invention has remained as the original forever. Over time, new perspectives help us see that there are other ways to get better. The process, your rights, and your wrongs will show you what you need to learn.  

You will learn new skills

In line with the previous point, this daily experiment will allow you to acquire new knowledge. Sometimes unconsciously, and other times, by the need for special training (some course, language, even a brief online reading of something you did not know). The truth is that you will not come out of your experience at the same level as when you started it. You will also have become wiser and more capable.

You Will Help and Be Helped

When you start a business, you receive support from family and friends who expect to see this great project in real life. And since our skills are fundamental, but not all the necessary ones to succeed, you will need the intervention of other people in some areas, thus generating jobs.

You Can Follow Your Heart

When you do what you love, you work and struggle, but you are happy to do it for yourself and for what you dream of.

What Can I Do To Get Started Today?

From my experience, there are 3 reliable ways to force you to leave all excuses aside and set out to achieve what you want today. These are:

1.     Anticipating Failure

I have taken a position about failure being something to be expected. It seems to me that normalizing failure a little more helps us lose the fear of trying to do something. In the same way, I take a position where success is not guaranteed. This allows me to enjoy my processes, and to understand my participation in different projects, businesses, or entertainment proposals as something totally different from failure. Everything I do is for small achievements.

2.     Learn from your mistakes

I have learned to use my mistakes as a great learning tool. In my attempts, I have failed many times, but I have also achieved wonderful things. Part of those accomplishments has been because my setbacks have set a path that I must never go down again.

They say that the human being is the only animal capable of tripping twice over the same stone. But I guess they are talking about those who do not stop to analyze their faults but only continue on their path of arrogance. We must have the humility to recognize where we went wrong, admit our faults and keep trying, only to get better and better, and correct our methods.

3.     put yourself up against the wall

Undergoing difficult situations where moving forward is the only option helps you keep the strong determination needed to achieve your goals. Such circumstances could be moving across the country alone as FredInProgress did back in the day. Or emigrating in the pursuit of a better future for your family, as my parents bravely did for me and my sister.

In my opinion, this is what people mean when they advise you to get out of your comfort zone. To make that decision that you know will force you to act with your dream destination in mind, because you have no choice but to move forward. Many people get a mortgage or a long-term loan to make that business in which they have all their faith a reality. This makes fighting for it every day the only alternative.

The biggest risks are the ones that bring the most satisfying rewards. Think hard, but not too hard, and set today’s date as the start of your new life.

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