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Don’t give up on the possibility

Whether it’s a relationship, creation, profession, or business, we all want to succeed at what we set our minds to. That’s why we insist on following models that have “proven” to have a higher success rate. We think about making a safe bet with our time and effort, even at the expense of our true dreams. We all know someone who lives a life far away from their dreams, for fear of pursuing them and failing.

But, if someone told you that you could increase your chances of success, no matter what you were aiming to achieve, would you believe them?

The key is precisely in trying

Many people want to increase their chances of success without even trying something that seems unlikely, unknown, or risky. But the truth is, no matter how impossible it may seem, the goal is there, waiting to be reached. And every small step brings you closer to it. Think that you can’t succeed at something you never do. And that the 0.01% possibility of achieving it will grow with your actions, and is greater than the 0% possibility you have if you don’t act.

How to increase your chances of success

Unless you are an innate genius or have super talent in your area, you will need to work very hard to increase your possibility of success. We, normal people, must continually strive to improve our abilities to increase our percentages.

The dedication and persistence you put into your goal will transform that unlikely effort into something valuable. I will raise my own case as an example: if I want my stories to become best sellers someday, I must start by writing. I set out to write continuously, even if the result of a whole day or month ends up in the trash. But if I don’t make an effort to capture my ideas, to get them out of my mind, I will never be able to know if they fit into that whole, what is missing or surplus to complete my story.

Success is not a matter of high possibility

Opportunities happen by chance and by causality. However, being prepared to get on that train when it passes through our lives is a wise decision. Ultimately, that is what leads to success.

More than the high or low probabilities of success of the path we want to take, it really comes down to the fact that we are solely responsible for creating our own path.

It’s about your mindset

The right thinking can shift the possibility in your favor and in a big way. Every day, start by stating the following: “Today I will succeed in whatever I set my mind to”. And rather than repeating it mentally, reflect it in aspects of your reality such as:

  • Choose to be your best self in every scenario of your day.
  • Strive to be a little better than yesterday.
  • Trust in what you do.
  • Do what you have to do, giving your best.

It is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

As that famous phrase goes, innovation involves more than just great ideas. Think that no great invention came about by accident. Its creator notices a need and works on it until it is satisfied with his or her proposal. The arduous systematic work of trial and error experimentation does pay off. If you are talented and inspired, but not diligent, it is a waste of talent.

If you have neither 1% inspiration nor 100% perspiration, then you are 0% likely to succeed. As you can see, only you can change your reality.

It’s about making small big changes

Here are some vital changes you can apply to create a successful mindset and achieve the goals you’ve been longing for.

  • When it comes to embarking on the road to success, clarity is critical. The clearer you are about the desired outcome, the easier it will be to take the necessary steps to achieve it.
  • Being passionate about your goal is all well and good, but without a commitment to get you through the tough times, your chances of success will be limited.
  • Even if you are clear about your goal, you may find yourself procrastinating, going backwards or even sabotaging yourself. Fears and self-doubt can often arise. You must work to uncover and resolve these internal conflicts so that they do not prevent you from achieving success.
  • Take care of your health. Successful people recognize the importance of recharging their batteries. They understand the need for physical, mental and emotional balance.
  • Act positively…NOW. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Try everything you feel you need to try to get where you want to go. A lot of people criticize me because I keep trying a lot of different businesses, very different styles and genres of writing. I talk about a lot of topics, and I’m all over the place in terms of projects here, there and everywhere. But what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to let all my ideas die? As long as I have the energy, the ability and the fortitude, I will continue to spend my time bringing them to reality.

Final words

To say that success is based on opportunities is a convenient excuse that holds you back from trying, from daring to do what you can to make your dreams come true. Just don’t give up without trying your best, even if the chances are slim to none.

I keep writing my books, my blog posts. Even when I don’t see a penny for that effort, I keep doing it. I keep believing in myself, that one day the time, effort and resources I have invested will change someone’s life financially, or in some other way. Fingers crossed that it will change mine as well, and that of all the people who help me in this dream.

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