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Argue Bros – Season 2 is coming with a bang!

I am pleased to share today not only the excellent news of Argue Bros being around for a long time. While we are the same three guys, and we will talk about the same topics, there will be important changes. We are focused on giving you the best content that you deserve every day. Join me in this blog to tell you about what’s coming!

Argue Bros and its first great year

Time goes by so fast! It’s hard to believe that we already have one year working on the podcast I’ve dreamed about for ten years. When we started with this idea, we were not sure what it would become. But we are really happy for having reached these results.

We wanted to have a space to talk about the topics we are passionate about: conspiracy, technology, sports, news, controversies, and more. Yes, a little bit of everything, but not as it would be covered in a news channel. Rather with the fresh, sincere, and uninhibited touch that you would use to talk with people close to you.

And I think that’s the strength of our show and that’s something we’re keeping it. However, there is a lot that we have come to understand. When it comes to talking, organizing, producing, and promoting there’s still a lot to improve. And we’re working on it. This second season is coming with a bang! It will be ten times better than what you have enjoyed so far. We continue to improve our processes, and I assure you that you will notice it.

Changes and updates at Argue Bros

As you can imagine, there is not much we want to reveal for now. We want to surprise you as much as possible when you listen to the first episode of the second season. But, the anxiety of letting you all know won’t let me wait until then. Very soon, you will be able to see:

  • Visual improvements. One of them includes the creation of logos for each of the Argue Bros. You will get to know each of us better, as these are avatars similar to us, surrounded by personality traits. I was the first to have one. By now, many of you may know the dreadlocked guy wearing VR glasses, who appears in everything related to my brand. Soon, Fred’s voice and Jest will also have a face.
  • Renewed purpose. While the motivation to move forward is crucial to produce consistent content, we believe that giving direction and meaning to our journey is equally important. We have learned this year that it’s not just about moving forward, it’s about moving in the right direction. The biggest change here is that we no longer want to record to say that the podcast is still going on. Now more than ever, we will take care of the quality of the content we will bring to you, to guarantee an entertained audience, who can appreciate the hard work, creativity and dedication behind our production.
  • New guests coming more often. We’ll be adding interesting points of view to as many programs as we can with the participation of people who have a great opinion on the topic of the day. We’re making connections with fascinating people who will amaze you. Do you have any idea who might be joining us soon?

Always room for improvement

We don’t like to get comfortable with what we are doing and how we are doing it. If the world is moving forward every day, so can we. That’s why we are committed to continuing to work hard and experiment with this project. Even when we fail, we’ll find the right means to go higher and higher in what we set out to achieve.

I am really grateful to finally be able to make this dream come true, to have convinced my two great friends to join me in this adventure. We keep moving forward, improving, and growing. And I hope to count on you in this new stage.

If you have suggestions about the show, maybe some interesting topic you want us to discuss or some other input, maybe if you know of a possible guest that matches our style, feel free to share your comment in this post, or contact us through social media. Your words and likes are the best rewards for us, and we look forward to hearing from you. Even you can become the next guest to these hot discussions, who knows?

I will say goodbye so as not to say more than I can say until today before my colleagues kill me for having a big mouth. And although we still do not have a date for this great launch, we hope to keep on sharing our eloquence with you on a weekly basis, every Wednesday.

Stay tuned to our channels for further updates.

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